I recommend this selection of workshop recordings I taught in the last recent years. This material is not available in current literature and provides tremendous insights into the subjects.

Once you make a purchase, the audio and chart files (mp3) will be emailed to you in subsequent days. You will be able to listen and learn at the comfort of your own home.

Chiron – Mortality of a Master.  $180

5h30 worth of material + handouts
Since its discovery in 1977, the centaur Chiron has fascinated astrologers and many books were subsequently released on the subject, with the common reference of Chiron as the “wounded healer.” Maurice will take the study to a new direction and explore the complex dynamics involving this peculiar body, positioning Chiron in every house and sign. New material.

Uranus in Taurus Transit – 2018-2016.  $40

Uranus is in the sign of Taurus for the net 7 years! Taurus relates to earth and material resources, it is organic and slow-paced, whereas represents the need to transcend emotions and matter to ascend to higher realm. Uranus is wind as well as lightning from the skies, astronomy and generally, mental exploration… so this combination is of great interest! How will we approach our food, agriculture, or our financial systems? Will we experience dust storms, or apply our genius to reconnect earth with sky. Maurice explores these questions and more in this workshop

Astronomy for Astrologers.  $150

7 hours worth of material + handouts
Are the constellations really 30 degrees equal? Is the Sun really in Aries on March 21? What is the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn? How do we measure the Astrological Ages? What is the difference between the Sidereal (eastern) and Tropical (Western) Zodiac? Is there a 13th sign to the Zodiac?
It is essential for every Astrology student to have a good grasp of these fundamental Astronomy facts and better understand the mechanisms of Astrology.

Identifying Past lives in the Chart.  $150

3 hours worth of material + charts of study cases.
Maurice visits the astrology dynamics of confirmed reincarnation cases, seeing the charts of the same soul in the current and preceding life. This rare and groundbreaking research reveals deep astrological and spiritual insights into the evolutionary sequence of the soul. The astrological signatures in these charts provide an indisputable proof of soul reincarnation—a most compelling study.

The YOD – Configuration for the Masterful.  $40

1h15min worth of material
Composed of two quincunxes and a sextile, the Yod  is often referred to as “The Finger of God.” This pointed-shaped configuration requires the highest of a person’s integrity; it deflates arrogance and can only be mastered through sincere humility. Maurice goes through all possible Yod placements in the chart, detailing the different evolutionary lessons in each case.


The Ascendant – A succession from the 12th house.  $120

5h30min worth of material
The sign on the Ascendant represents a completely new cycle of development, like a powerful wave rising from the ocean to become.  As we explore these new beginnings, it is essential to understand what precedes them and explore the closing evolutionary cycles of the 12th house.  Maurice describes the meaning of each Ascendant sign and its related 12th house.


Finding Auspicious Dates for Events.  $120

3 hours worth of material
Astrology is one of the most sophisticated tools to understand timing. Finding the right date for an event in accordance with the natal chart significantly increases the chances for a positive outcome, whether this applies for surgery, a new business, a move, or a wedding. It is the art of aligning our lives with the cosmic clock!

Medical Astrology: Physical and Mental Health in the Chart. $300

A thorough study, with a total of approximately 26 hours of study.
Medical Astrology has for its main purpose to prevent ailments and support healing. Maurice discusses the different astrological configurations that reflect physical and mental conditions, providing a spiritual and emotional perspective to better understand why these conditions occur, in addition to professional medical directives.