Learn about the VENUS Star Point – Recording available

Venus Star Point @ 14 Gemini conjunct the North Node of URANUS

Every 8 years, Venus creates a 5 pointed star pattern in the heavens.

The next one will occur on June 4, 2024 @ 14 Gemini.

In this webinar we will explore the whole cycle of VENUS with focus on the upcoming Star Point (Venus Sun exterior Conjunction).

  • The upcoming star point conjuncts the North Node of Uranus on the same degree.
  • What do all star points mean, and how to apply this knowledge to our charts?
  • At the core, Venus and the Sun represent the heart center. How to bring this into our lives.
  • What is the shadow side of the star point?

A most inspiring and relevant body of knowledge for our time!


Cost $25

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