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The Return of the White Lions

In her wildest dreams, Linda Tucker could not have imagined the circumstances that would send her life on an extraordinary new trajectory. A successful young entrepreneur pursuing a budding advertising career in Europe, Linda returned to her native county of South Africa for a family visit, and met an incredible fate.


While on a game drive to view wildlife, what appeared to be the worst happened. Her party was treated to a magnificent view of a pride of lions at sunset, when the vehicle broke down. As night fell, and batteries died out, the situation turned extremely perilous. This was in 1991, before smart phones, with no way to call for help. Under a faint crescent moon, the lions emerging for their nocturnal activities were barely visible, yet their vocalizations made it clear they were closely surrounding the open-air vehicle. Linda recalls how quickly things turned terrifying and hopeless.

The initiation into a spiritual journey is often accompanied by a dark night of the soul: a mysterious illness, a near death experience, or similar shock may serve to purify the mind and realign the initiate to a deeper calling. For Linda, the light emerging from this dark nightmare was a young indigenous woman, appearing out of nowhere with a baby on her back. She strode through the pride of lions and climbed into the stranded vehicle. As soon as she settled in, the lions retreated, eventually allowing one of the party to get out and seek help from their camp.


It took 3 years for Linda to let the experience sink in and actually seek direct answers to the obvious questions: “who was this woman, how did she walk with her baby through the lions, and how come she had that effect on the pride?

What took you so long?” Maria Khosa asked Linda in return upon meeting her.

Maria identified Linda as one to be initiated into the sacred mysteries of Lion consciousness, particularly the spiritual roles and consciousness of the extremely rare white lions. She also introduced Linda to the great Sanusi, Credo Mutwa, the living library of Africa. Maria was a maid by day and Lion Queen Shaman by night. She had a spiritual connection with these wild animals, who had telepathically summoned her to the rescue on that fateful night.


Linda Tucker came to leave her career ambitions in Europe, and fully devoted herself to protect lions, and the white lions in particular. These incredibly mighty and radiant beings have become extremely vulnerable under corrupt wildlife management policies.

White lions are not albinos, but leucistic – resulting from a rare recessive gene that both parents must possess. They have been “discovered” by Western science only recently, in 1975. A scientist who spotted white cubs assumed their coloration made them inadequately camouflaged for hunting, and bizarrely concluded they should be removed from the wild, “for their own preservation.” This rationale legitimized the exploitation, captive breeding, and selling of white lions around the world. To this day, trophy hunters can pay $100,000 USD for a canned hunting experience, and rationalize it as “abundant funds to support conservation.”

By the time Linda Tucker was equipped to take on her mission, all white lions had been removed from Timbavati, the only place on earth where they naturally occur in the wild.

She got a message from Maria that a white lioness was born on December 25, 2000 in a town in South Africa called Bethlehem. This was not in the wild, but in one of the most callous breeding camps for lions. This synchronistic event, happening on a dramatic solar eclipse aligned with the star Sirius, made Linda clearly realize her goal. She must return the white lions to their endemic habitat. She made the promise to Marah, the newly born lioness, that she would devote her life to set her free.

Linda established the non-profit The Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002, and Marah was finally set free in 2004 after arduous legal battles; by then with three white lion cubs, born in an underground cage in captivity. The incredible feat of rewilding Marah and having the cubs set foot on soil for the first time was the first of several milestones for the return of White Lions—rising from the underworld, they could finally see the Sun.

White Lions were only known in myths and oral legends of Africa. Their manifestation and ‘return’ into form during this time is understood to have dramatic implications in the turning of the big Ages: The Leo-Aquarius Age.

Linda Tucker will be sharing incredible insights into the mystery of the White Lions, the spiritual meanings of their return at this time of transition, their connection to particular stars systems, at the Astrology conference at OMEGA institute, upstate New York.

We are honored to have Linda Tucker present in person at this extraordinary event, and have the opportunity to learn about this extraordinary cosmology.

New Video – INTERVIEW with LINDA TUCKER speaking about the STAR CONNECTIONS of the WHITE LIONS, ahead of presenting at the OMEGA INSTITUTE (June 7-9, 2024)

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Pyramid-Lion collage by Maurice Fernandez and Sara Fisk

Lion Shaman collage by Veronica Coetzer

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