The Great Saturn/Neptune Conjunction at 0 Aries (2025-2026)

An Evolutionary Astrology perspective on the great cycle of the decade.

When Walls Collapse and Heroes Rise

The Great 2025–26 Saturn–Neptune Conjunction at 0° Aries

and the Initial Saturn Traverse through the Sign of Pisces

by Maurice Fernandez

Written in June 2023
Published in the 2023 Capricorn Solstice MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER Magazine

We can picture a topographical illustration of a Saturn–Neptune conjunction as a steep cliff dropping into the vast ocean expanse, and following the laws of physics, water will erode the rock over time — what initially appears to be indestructible rock eventually becomes thin, malleable sand. Subsequently, as this earth gradually dissolves, the volcanic fire from Earth’s core erupts into new mountains rising above oceans. And so these creation processes capture the cyclical influence of elements: earth, water, fire, and air. Looking back at recent history, many of us can recall the last conjunction of Saturn with Neptune in Capricorn: November 1989, marking the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet empire. What seemed indestructible, prior to that time, decomposed precipitously — a chain reaction that eventually took down the whole Soviet Union.

The next Saturn–Neptune conjunction will occur at the 0° Aries point, the first degree of the zodiac, itself marking the birth of a new era. The conjunction will be near exact in July 2025, and will perfect at 0° Aries on February 20, 2026. (See Chart 1, **.) Does this forebode a fiery birth from the ocean’s womb?


Chart 1 – The 2026 Saturn/Neptune conjunction

As we emerge from the incredible intensity of the 2020 Saturn–Pluto conjunction, this Saturn–Neptune conjunction is the next jumbo milestone of the decade. The Saturn–Neptune cycle is what empires are made of, and also what takes them down. We will explore how this may affect the fate of natural events, our modern culture, and geopolitics, but also what the evolutionary intentions may be for us, on a personal level.

The Saturn in Pisces Prelude

Both Saturn and Neptune are currently in the sign of Pisces (written in June 2023), with Saturn sailing through more rapidly to catch up to Neptune. They will both be at the end degrees of Pisces, conjunct the (True) North Node, by March 2025.

Saturn’s ingress into and transit through a new sign (2023–26) marks a meaningful new phase of development, defining the zeitgeist of the next two-and-a-half years. Saturn represents our manual for life, what we consider reliable, practically and ethically — this includes our role models and references for proper function and success in our society. A Saturn transit will describe developmental processes with authority figures and systems, including how we ourselves lead and govern. Naturally, Saturn in each sign comes to test the integrity and reliability of themes represented by that sign.

Looking back, we can review recent Saturn transits to identify this dynamic:

2015–2017: Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius brought deeper scrutiny to the media industry, pushing the term “fake news” to mainstream consciousness, particularly as the Trump–Clinton election raged in the US, and the media, arguably more intensely than before, became a weapon of sabotage and character assassination. Indeed, many broadcasting channels (Sagittarius) lost their credibility (Saturn) in the public eye during this time.

Additionally, these were years when immigration policies came under greater scrutiny against the backdrop of Syrian refugees flooding Europe to escape civil war. Brexit and then the infamous Trump Wall were some of the symbols that emerged from what was initially perceived as unsustainable management of borders. Ethical questions (Saturn) emerged concerning the treatment of immigrants (Sagittarius), particularly when children separated from their parents made the headlines.

2018–2023: Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius

Both Capricorn and Aquarius hosted Saturn’s traverse through the dramatic events of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations following the killing of George Floyd. Ethical questions (Saturn) about the right use of power and authority (Capricorn) emerged from these circumstances. Controversy arose concerning the justification of imposed lockdowns, and whether media narratives were overly controlled by government (a legacy of the previous cycle in Sagittarius).

The COVID-19 vaccine controversy was an obvious expression of an ethical question around scientific institutions. On one side of the debate were those claiming that governmental agencies were misappropriating science to cover up the origins of the virus and impose poorly tested new vaccine technology on the masses (Aquarius). On the other side were those claiming that outlandish anti-vax theories were propagated by self-proclaimed experts to invalidate serious science (also Aquarius). Saturn in Aquarius captured how science and scientists, usually unquestioned and revered in their contributions to civilization, became the target of intense doubt and scrutiny.

Saturn’s Next Chapter

In the next season, what makes Saturn’s transit in Pisces particularly important and intriguing is the proximity to Neptune, also transiting the sign. It is still early to conclude where the scrutiny and tests of credibility will apply (as this article is being written in early 2023), but we can anticipate increasing regulation of the marine industry, (including fishing practices and plastic waste clean-up), welfare institutions, and use of tax funds; questions about the treatment of underprivileged and underdogs; and, in tandem, greater scrutiny of those who are or claim to be victims. Scrutiny may even emerge about who is the real victim!

Anecdotal episodes capturing these dynamics include the implosion of the Titan submersible carrying five ultra-rich passengers on June 18, 2023, revealing how security measures (Saturn) for such an undersea expedition (Pisces) were neglected despite earlier warnings of functional problems. A few days prior, a migrant ship overcrowded with 750 passengers had capsized, drowning hundreds. Again, maritime (Pisces) laws and regulations (Saturn) were unethically disregarded as Greek coast guards did not follow safety protocols to reduce the risks of capsizing.

The transit of Neptune in its own sign of Pisces (2011–26) has, among other things, increased our awareness of water and ocean crises due to pollution and overfishing practices, and even more globally, intensified awareness about the risk of a worldwide natural collapse and a sixth extinction wave due to climate change. Neptune in Pisces represents the dissolution and end of a global cycle, so it is not surprising that this influence raises consciousness about the prospect of a large-scale doomsday, an end of time.1

On another front, during this transit we have advanced the legalization of marijuana and the greater mainstream awareness of plant medicine and psychedelics for both spiritual and therapeutic purposes. Neptune in Pisces represents mind-altering substances that can help us to rise above our materialistic perspectives, whether we use them to escape or as therapeutic means. Because this transit brings to surface existential questions and acute awareness of suffering, it is perhaps not surprising that it has advanced the practice of euthanasia or assisted dying in some states and countries — the reluctance to suffer, or even to live, can be represented by Neptune. Accordingly, as Saturn now covers the same territory in Pisces, it may now bring practical and ethical scrutiny to these fields and practices.

Looking back at previous Saturn in Pisces cycles, Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935 to address addiction, and Miranda Rights were implemented in 1966 to protect those under criminal investigation. Anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela was convicted in 1964 and then became president of South Africa in 1994, capturing the karmic journey of an underdog through two Saturn in Pisces cycles.

Timeline and markers of the current cycle

Saturn’s ingress into Pisces:

  • March 7, 2023

Saturn’s motion through Pisces

  • 2023: 0–7° Pisces
  • 2024: 3–19° Pisces
  • 2025: 14° Pisces – 1° Aries
  • 2026: 26° Pisces – 14° Aries

Saturn–Neptune dance

  • March 2025: Both close to the North Node in the last decan of Pisces
  • July 2025: Within half a degree orb at 1° Aries
  • February 20, 2026: Exact conjunction between Saturn and Neptune at 0°45^ Aries

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces can be illustrated by the wave crashing back into the ocean, the end of individuality and a return to a larger, all-encompassing identity. Pisces depicts the end of a cycle while serving as a womb for the next one coming. Thus, the passage of Saturn in close proximity to Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, represents a great cycle ending, a global karmic purge, where our standards, institutions, role models, and overall references may now decompose to reform later into a new template.

Since we are one ocean, Pisces captures collective consciousness, that which unites us all — we share the same sunlight and breathe the same air. The common denominators that make us who we are as living beings help us to realize that our differences, our individualities, are temporary.

When Saturn transits the sign of Pisces, earthly institutions may crack and break down, while reliability, solidity, and mastery ironically might be found through spiritual commitment. As the rock fissures, our trust in once reliable and solid institutions fades. We may witness the collapse of regimes, the fall of leaders or companies, or perhaps simply see them more vulnerable. Conversely, this is the time when the abused, invisible, or ignored may gain strength, presence, and credibility — reiterating the example of Nelson Mandela’s journey through the cycles of Saturn in Pisces.

At the time this article is being written, plaintiffs Stormy Daniels and E. Jean Carroll are being vindicated in court, while Donald Trump clutches at the cross of the martyr. Conversely, the tired regime of controversial Turkish leader Recep Erdogan (himself a Pisces Sun) prevails with an ever-tight majority margin during the 2023 elections, crushing the hopes for more democratic leadership in the country. A rock may erode, but sometimes not fast enough for poetic justice.

Chart 2 – Saturn and Neptune in Pisces conjunct the North Node (Feb 2025)

Saturn in Pisces Thematically Linked with Saturn–Neptune

The mythology of Saturn (Cronus in the Greek version) speaks of his supreme governance as leader of the Titans, succeeding his father Ouranos after having castrated him, and thus separating heaven from earth.

His reign ushered in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity, an interesting concept in contrast to the common astrological associations of the planet’s influence of strain, scarcity, and limitation. Why would Saturn be associated with a Golden Age of peace and abundance?

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, the cardinal sign opening the last quadrant of the zodiac, followed by Aquarius and Pisces. These three signs represent how an individual operates on a more global scene: the integration of personal will into the larger structure of society, communities, and the collective consciousness, respectively. With no fire sign present in the last quadrant of the zodiac, individual/personal will is not represented, and thus irrelevant. Where there is no fire, there is no personal injection and freedom of choice, and therefore no strife and polarization. Saturn represents a higher order that governs us all, but is not tailored for personal preferences and choices — we are fated to this higher order and do not have the “distraction” of choice (fire). Hence the mythological Golden Age of Peace under Cronus’s rule may capture how peace results from the absence of free will — without free will, there is no need for laws to protect virtue from vice, since the higher order provides harmony and predictability.

As Saturn ingresses into Pisces and subsequently conjoins Neptune, we are within the fourth-quadrant influence, a space where fate overrides free will, where personal will must align with a higher will.

Saturn and Neptune converge to represent a humbling force where we must be held accountable to higher spiritual standards — it is an opportunity for governance on Earth (Saturn) to aspire to a more enlightened vision of universal order (Neptune).

In positive expression, this influence brings morality, karmic justice, and compassionate guidance, with role models who abide and live by eternal wisdom, finding the spiritual teacher within and without.

In negative expression, this influence depicts the erosion and malfunction of systems and leaders, where role models wallow in inadequacy and moral standards lose ground. This can cause disorientation, misguided choices, and the failure to measure up to tasks, or in more extreme cases, moral corruption, depravity, lawlessness, anarchy, and absence of guilt and remorse (psychopathy).

Tight Saturn–Neptune aspects can bring out the best and the worst in people. As Neptune “erodes” Saturn, we may, on the one hand, embrace a more universal, all- encompassing perspective to living, overcoming rigidity for greater compassion; on the other hand, this influence can derail into carefree/irresponsible attitudes, neglect, the erosion of moral references, and the loss of resilience.”

Addendum December 2023

This first year of Saturn in Pisces (2023) has exposed the dangerous risks of incompetence, dysfunction, and neglect in systems that have engendered catastrophic crises on a local and global scale:

  • (June 2023) Warnings of serious security risks did not prevent managers of the Titan submersible to go ahead with the operation, resulting in catastrophic breakdown.
  • (August 2023) A wildfire in the city of Lahaina on Maui, Hawaii surprised residents who died in the hundreds or had to evacuate at the last minute, some just barefoot, because emergency sirens did not function and did not warn of the danger.
  • (October 2023) Hamas terrorists broke through the borders from Gaza into Israel in the hundreds, killing 1100 people and kidnapping around 250 civilians despite numerous intelligence reports that such an attack was eminent. The police and army took hours to respond to the attack, leaving victims completely vulnerable at the mercy of the aggressors.

Humbling Experiences, Karmic Accountability

Below are examples of situations where public figures at the peak of their power experienced a fall from grace following a Saturn–Neptune transit. The loss of control, the experience of being humbled, and in some cases, revelation of corrupt behavior are evolutionary lessons in realignment with a higher order and accepting circumstances where fate overrides free will.

  • US President Bill Clinton was impeached on December 19, 1998 as transiting Neptune at 0° Aquarius opposed his natal Saturn at 2° Leo. (See Chart 3)
  • Head of IMF and contender for the French presidency Dominique Strauss-Khan was favored to win the French presidential election when, on May 14, 2011, he was accused of sexual assault by a hotel maid, a scandal that destroyed his career. Transiting Neptune in his 8th house at 0° Pisces opposed natal Saturn at 29° Leo.
  • Long-standing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was officially indicted for breach of trust, accepting bribes, and fraud on November 21, 2019, when transiting Neptune at 15° Pisces opposed his natal Saturn at 15° Virgo.
  • Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox admitted on November 25, 1998 that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease after publically hiding his condition for more than seven years. Transiting Neptune at 29° Capricorn conjoined his natal 12th-house Saturn.
  • After enduring resistance, prominent Apache leader and medicine man Geronimo surrendered to the US government on September 4, 1886, when transiting Saturn at 19° Cancer opposed his natal Neptune at 19° Capricorn — a gesture he later regretted. But arguably, was it really a choice, given the fated quality of Saturn–Neptune activations?

Chart 3 – Bill Clinton Impeached as transiting Neptune opposes natal Saturn (square transiting Saturn)

Saturn–Neptune in Public Political Office

Over the years, I have demonstrated the importance of Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces placements in vocational orientation in the chart.2 The archetype of Pisces, including the planet, house, and sign associated with it, reflects how a person can offer services that are needed by the larger whole and how the public may respond to one’s professional offerings. You can read about this approach more thoroughly in the book published on the subject, but for the sake of brevity, consider that Neptune or planets in the 12th house or Pisces are the gateway through which we can access the masses.

When Saturn natally forms meaningful aspects to Neptune, the ability to access the masses and offer professional services may pertain to the field of governance, law, and politics (among other options).

Individuals with these signatures can gain more widespread influence in political arenas and, as such, can affect collective dynamics. Neptune provides Saturn access to mass consciousness, thus the ability to have a global impact on Saturnian functions such as legislation, structure, education, and political dynamics. The importance of this synodic cycle in the rise and fall of political leaders cannot be underestimated.

Below are examples of public political figures born with prominent Saturn–Neptune aspects or Saturn in the 12th house.

  • John F. Kennedy: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in the 10th house
  • François Mitterrand: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in the 10th house
  • Indira Gandhi: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in the 12th house (see Chart 3, **)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in the 8th house
  • Vladimir Putin: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in Libra, conjunct the Sun
  • Abraham Lincoln: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in the 9th house
  • Angela Merkel: Saturn–Neptune conjunction in the 10th house
  • Silvio Berlusconi: Saturn in Pisces opposing Neptune in the 12th house
  • Barack Obama: Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house
  • George W. Bush: Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house
  • Margaret Thatcher: Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th house conjunct the angles

Those who will be born under the upcoming conjunction in Aries will carry a strong potential to assume leadership positions, yet this new cycle will also affect current leaders, especially those who were themselves born with this signature. The recurrence of Saturn–Neptune aspects promises to be a critical time for testing their resilience, integrity, and appeal as role models. (Later in this article, I look at Vladimir Putin and Russia in this context.)

Historic Events under Saturn–Neptune Conjunctions

1809 at 6° Sagittarius

  • Births of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin (on the same day). Both men were responsible in their own way for bringing a new order in their fields of influence —politics and science, respectively.
  • Bolivia prevails in its first efforts to gain independence from the Spanish crown. Subsequently, between 1808 and 1826, most of Latin America slipped out of the hands of the Iberian powers who had ruled the region since the conquest. Saturn–Neptune reflected the erosion of the superpower.

1846 at 27° Aquarius

  • Discovery of Neptune.
  • Ireland’s great famine; erosion of infrastructure, floundering system and governance in Ireland.
  • US–Mexican War; annexation and later incorporation of California, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Nevada; redefinition of borders.

1882 at 16° Taurus

  • Chinese Exclusion Act (US), limiting immigration; attempt to control porous (Neptune) borders (Saturn).
  • England occupies Egypt following unrest, to protect the Suez Canal; political unrest engenders a vacuum of power, inviting unwanted influences.
  • Construction of the iconic Sagrada Familia church by Antoni Gaudi begins, remains unfinished to date. This masterful architectural design, which initially had a five-year completion schedule, outgrew the confines of its timeline by 130 years. It is scheduled to be completed by 2026, with the upcoming Saturn–Neptune conjunction. Gaudi’s signature design includes geometry and abstraction very much reflecting Saturn–Neptune themes. He was born with Saturn in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces.

1917 at 4° Leo

  • Bolshevik revolution in the Russian Empire. Erosion and collapse of dysfunctional empire engenders the idealistic vision of an egalitarian, socially responsible governance, only to be proven equally dysfunctional over the years. The Soviet Union crashed two Saturn–Neptune cycles later.
  • Alcohol prohibition in the US (1920, under the Saturn–Neptune semi-sextile; repealed in 1933, under the quincunx). Morality laws and attempts to restore sobriety fail to be embraced by the public.

1952 at 22° Libra

  • Queen Elizabeth II ascends the throne of England after the death of her father, King George VI. The Saturn–Neptune conjunction reflects a public position of governance and leadership. She was herself born with the square from Scorpio to Leo.
  • Coup in Egypt > Modern Egypt > Liberation from UK. Following the 1882 occupation by Britain, two Saturn–Neptune cycles later, Egypt frees itself from the occupation.
  • Polio vaccine invented.

1989 at 11° Capricorn

  • End of Soviet Union, fall of Berlin Wall. The domino effect collapse of the titanic Soviet Union entity followed deep internal erosion. The Berlin Wall built in the previous Saturn in Capricorn cycle (August 1961) now dissolves.
  • Protests in Tiananmen square, China. A rare defiance to the autocratic Chinese regime ends with the crushing of protesters, yet this event offers a glimpse through thick veils at the internal dissatisfaction of the Chinese population.
  • Prohibition of smoking in public spaces: initial legislative measures. The movement gains ground with prohibiting smoking on US airlines in 1989. This is followed by California law prohibiting smoking in places of employment in 1995, with Saturn in Pisces, and the 1998 ban of smoking in bars (Saturn square Neptune). On July 1, 2007, it became illegal in the UK to smoke in any pub, restaurant, nightclub, and most workplaces (Saturn opposing Neptune).

The Saturn–Neptune Cycle and the Soviet/Russian Timeline

Both the Saturn–Neptune and Uranus–Neptune cycles have been markedly prominent in the developmental processes of Marxism as a philosophy, communism as a system, the Soviet Union as an entity, and modern Russia as a country.3

It seems more than likely that modern Russia will be immediately impacted by the upcoming conjunction in Aries. In the light of the current war between Russia and the Ukraine, will this cycle herald a collapse following the advanced erosion of Putin’s era of leadership?

Here is a review of the current timeline:

  • 1818: On May 5, Karl Marx is born with a Uranus–Neptune conjunction square Saturn in Pisces.
  • 1847: As Marx’s Saturn return in Pisces coincides with a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, the Communist Manifesto is being written.
  • 1878: In December, Joseph Stalin is born with Saturn in Pisces.
  • 1906: On May 6, a new constitution is established in Russia to appease opposition forces; Saturn–Neptune trine in Pisces–Cancer.
  • 1917: On October 25, the Bolshevik revolution topples the tsarist regime of Nikolai Romanov, paving the way for what is to become the Soviet Union; Saturn–Neptune conjunction in Leo opposing Uranus in Aquarius.
  • 1922: On December 30, the Soviet Union is created; Saturn–Neptune sextile.
  • 1924: Death of Lenin on January 21; Saturn–Neptune quintile.
  • 1931: On March 2, Mikhail Gorbachev is born; Saturn–Neptune sesquiquadrate.
  • 1952: On October 7, Vladimir Putin is born; Saturn–Neptune conjunction in Libra.
  • 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9; Saturn–Neptune conjunction in Capricorn.
  • 1999: Putin becomes Russia’s President on December 30; Saturn–Neptune square.

These milestones capture how instrumental Saturn–Neptune aspects — particularly the conjunctions — have been in the formation, decomposition, and transformation of the Marxist movement in association with Russia.

The 2025–26 conjunction promises a radical reinvention of Russia from a structural and ideological point of view. Putin, himself born under a Saturn–Neptune conjunction, may defy the odds of self-destruction and perhaps be the one to lead this reinvention, but the probabilities of his surviving this transformative phase are slender. There is a greater probability of new leadership in Russia emerging from these volcanic fires.

Saturn–Neptune in the United States

IC at 1° Aries — Land of the Free and Home of the Brave

The very day Neptune last ingressed into Aries marked the beginning of the Civil War in the United States (April 12, 1861). Seven states that refused to abide by the Federal order to stop the expansion of slavery seceded from the Union (South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas). Aries represents the separatist urge and the risk of polarization when each side feels justified.

The Civil War coincided with the US’s first Uranus return in Gemini, which will recur in 2027 and 2028 when both Neptune and Saturn will still be in Aries. Uranus represents the aspiration for emancipation and the fostering of human rights which, in that previous cycle, drove the conflict to end slavery in the country.

On January 1, 1863, President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the slaves free; Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aries were in opposition. (See Chart 4.) The US Sibly chart has its IC at 1° Aries. Using this reference, it is not surprising to see that Neptune crossing this marker engenders domestic unrest. The IC of a chart, be it of a person or country, refers to the established sense of identity. With the IC in Aries, the US prides itself as “the land of the free and home of the brave,” an obvious Aries-themed identity. Neptune crossing this point has the evolutionary intention to make freedom accessible not only to the privileged, but to all layers of society.

Lincoln was assassinated toward the end of the conflict in April 1865 (Neptune in Aries square Mars in Cancer); he was succeeded by President Andrew Johnson, who is considered by some to be the worst choice of person to assume the role, due to his bigoted views, alcoholism, and leadership inadequacies — all dysfunctional expressions of the Saturn–Neptune conjunction he himself was born under.

These circumstances depict the somewhat chaotic circumstances of transiting Neptune in Aries in the 4th house, a vacuum of power that destabilized post–Civil War reconstruction. As the old dissolves, slowly or abruptly, the decomposition phase is often marred with insecurity, uncertainty, weakened foundations, and a floundering leadership. It takes a while for foundations to firm up again.


Chart 4 – Emancipation Proclamation amidst the US Civil War

2025 and 2026 Conjunctions

Saturn and Neptune already will have come together on the US’s 1° Aries IC by Independence Day 2025. To add more traction to these momentous alignments, a simultaneous Sun and Jupiter return will occur in Cancer just as a Chiron return takes place in Aries. (See Chart 5.) Many astrologers consider the solar return chart to flavor the whole year for the entity.

A few months later, the exact conjunction on February 20, 2026 comes just days after a solar eclipse at 28° Aquarius on the US Moon (February 17, 2026).

I have discussed the Chiron return of the United States in this video4 — how this position captures the ideology of freedom that inspired the American colonies to break away from Britain and eventually establish a new constitution that would safeguard human rights and freedoms. Chiron in Aries captures the struggle for freedom and the unfortunate double standard of advancing the freedom of European immigrants while depriving others, especially Black and First Nations people, of their own sovereignty and human rights. This is a wound festering in the fabric of American culture, even two centuries after the abolition of slavery. As long as the freedom of one denies the freedom of another, the bleeding will persist.

If Neptune in Aries (1862–65) ushered in the abolition of slavery through the chaos of a civil war and the sacrifice of President Lincoln’s life, then in more recent history, Saturn in Aries (1967–69) marked the culmination of the Civil Rights movement, with the legislation prohibiting segregation and discrimination and the sacrifice of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life (April 1968) — the latter coinciding with Chiron returning to Aries on the IC degree of the US Sibly chart.

Chart 5 – The 2025 USA Solar Return

Prospects for 2025–26

As Neptune and Saturn march on this illustrious degree again, they promise to raise questions about what defines American identity and binds people under the flag.

    • Trail of Tears to Liberation Trail. The aspiration to more fully embody “the land of the free and home of the brave” may bring to cultural awareness injustices perpetrated against First Nations tribes, and foster efforts to recognize and emancipate their rights and freedoms. Among such injustices was the Indian Removal Act, passed in 1830 with Pluto in Aries and Chiron in Taurus (land); this act forcibly removed Native Americans from their fertile lands in the Southeast and relocated them thousands of miles to the West in what is known as the Trail of Tears, also resulting in thousands of deaths. With the coming conjunction, a process of possible acknowledgment and restitution may emerge from these transits and ensue for several years — if so, likely well into the late 2020s, when Chiron will effectively return to Taurus again.
    • Addendum March 2024: Power Grid infrastructure. With growing demands of energy supply, the power grid is now being overwhelmed. Technological standards are constantly rising while energy supply still relies on antiquated infrastructure, increasing the risk of collapse. The combination of Pluto in Aquarius (tech growth) and Neptune/Saturn in Aries (availability of power) reflect the possible discrepancy between supply and demand.
    • The Second Amendment is largely controversial in the light of its potential misuse, especially in the current context, where advanced technology allows for the mass production of automatic weapons that shower dozens of bullets. This has caused a sharp increase in gun violence and mass shootings in US schools and public places — the leading cause of death of children in the country (2020).5 Since any attempts toward reform and adaptation to modern times are religiously opposed by Second Amendment advocates, the current transit of Saturn and Neptune in Aries may spark a flame in this debate. We must remember the simultaneous Chiron return in Aries during this time.

When fate overrides free will, and water erodes seemingly indestructible rock, the transit of Saturn–Neptune on the US IC at the Aries point may weaken the argument to keep the Second Amendment intact. We cannot omit the grim prospect that more devastation from gun violence events, including the risk of assassinations, may serve as triggers to further inflame and galvanize the effort to reform gun ownership/use regulations.

With an already polarized country and ideological extremes growing left and right, Neptune and Saturn in Aries are expected to intensify separatism and defensive stances, at least in their initial entry. Evolutionarily, the intention can be compared to the piercing of an abscess in order to eventually heal toxic buildup. In actual reality, we should not be surprised to witness rebellious movements, the extent of which we can only hope will not become overwhelmingly chaotic. How much toxicity an abscess can accumulate before it bursts is what we will all find out. Ultimately, the greater evolutionary intention is to learn about the deeper meanings of freedom, reiterating that the freedom of one cannot override the freedom of another. Protecting the right to bear arms should indeed be balanced with the right of children and all citizens to live safer lives during those lapses of times when no substantial threat of tyranny is eminent, but government is standard drab.

Texit: Texas Epicenter of Eclipses

Two eclipse paths are crisscrossing the United States and intersecting in Texas: the October 14, 2023 solar eclipse at 21° Libra and the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse at 19° Aries. (See Map, **.) These two eclipse degrees also align with the US Chiron at 20° Aries in the 4th house. Eclipses bring accelerated, often radical change that can take the flow of events to unexpected diversions.

The Lone Star State, as the epicenter of this activation, is no stranger to Saturn–Neptune cycles. Texas gained independence from Mexico on a Saturn–Neptune closing square in Scorpio–Aquarius (March 2, 1836), and was later incorporated into the Union with a Saturn–Neptune conjunction in Aquarius (December 29, 1845).

In the 1845 incorporation chart (not shown), we notice a Mars–Uranus conjunction in early Aries, tightly squaring the Sun at 7° Capricorn and opposing Chiron in Libra. This strong cardinal influence depicts the defensive stance of Texas toward the federal government and urge to protect its independent image. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that President Kennedy was assassinated in Texas during the state’s Saturn return — Saturn formed an opening square to the state’s Neptune (Aquarius to Scorpio again).

Intermittent rumblings of secession from the Union have recurred in Texas over the course of history, especially when a Democrat president sits in the White House. While it would be very surprising that Saturn–Neptune and the eclipse transits would lead to such a precipitous change of identity, the yearning for autonomy in the current climate of polarization may have these celestial alignments reflecting a surge of separatist movements in Texas (and/or other states). Looking at the Solar Arc Directions for the state of Texas, natal planets will approach a full opposition to their natal positions in 2028, adding to the rebellious impulse.

Eclipse Paths intercrossing on Texas (2023-2024)

Me, You, and Saturn–Neptune in Aries

Born just as Pluto ingressed into the sign of Libra, I personally look at this upcoming opposition to Saturn–Neptune with both excitement and trepidation. The conjunction at 0° Aries is the birthing of a new cycle in our personal lives as well as on the global scene.

Analyzing the context of the house it falls in and aspects it may make to our natal chart, we can better anticipate and prepare for its activation. Astrologers cannot be certain of the form and the level of intensity a transit of this magnitude can bring, but as it occurs, we can have better clarity about the reasons and the direction it may take.

Questions to ask and assess

      • Are you born with a Saturn–Neptune aspect in your chart? If so, this transit will have greater importance and impact.
      • Check where natal and transiting Mars are located in your natal chart, as Mars is the dispositor of this conjunction, and will further describe where this energy is directed and activated for you.

Themes the transit can bring

      • A call for leadership, entrepreneurial or political. Fate can prompt a person to take the reins and step into positions of authority and command.
      • A boss or parental figure may go through a crisis, requiring care and adjustment. We may see those who once were in their prime exhibit tremendous vulnerability.
      • System breakdowns where dysfunction, incompetence, or neglect may take down titans, leading to potential bankruptcies, scandals, or loss of influence. A potential fall of giants.
      • Accountability and ethical realignment. Unethical behavior may surface and prompt a person to take responsibility for possible misalignments. Conversely, the person with this transit prominently positioned may be the whistleblower, exposing unethical behavior.
      • The loss of meaning; losing the grip on what was once important or held in high esteem. Possibly experiencing a vacuum or emptiness until a new goal emerges.
      • A spiritual realization. Possibly the meeting of a spiritual teacher who will provide a new form of guidance or body of knowledge. Following the calling to lead a more spiritual life.
      • Adopting a new lifestyle and reinventing oneself in one shape or another. Depending on the house where the transit occurs, it may affect professional, relational, or academic matters.
      • Health vulnerabilities may affect adrenal function. Autoimmune reactions can engender inflammation in different parts of the body. This may be an opportune time to adjust our diet and get self-care support to sustain or increase vitality.

Outer Planets Change Polarity of Sign

We are ahead of an extraordinary cycle where all outer planets — Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and (partially) Jupiter — will move into yang/extroverted signs (Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, and Leo), a massive planetary migration expected to alter the global zeitgeist. From positions of more passive endurance in yin signs, these transitions of signs signal a giant leap into action, with energy moving out again and fostering creativity and newness. We are ahead of an expansive cycle that can ignite both passion and adventure, along with emotional intensity, fury, and excess.

Saturn and Neptune in Aries lead the pack, positioned at the midpoint between Uranus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius. Imagine all the people claiming their freedoms in empowering ways, using mind and technology to open new frontiers of creativity, knowledge, and accomplishment. Imagine approaching life and all it has to offer ethically, for mutual benefit, in a web of interdependence. Imagine your own new humanity, stepping into the shoes of your elevated self to fulfill the greater call of your destiny. Prepare your superhero cape and get ready!

Study the role of Saturn and Neptune in your chart – Select Saturn or Vocational Workshop

Enjoy this video on the SATURN-NEPTUNE conjunction

Chart Data and Sources

All birth data of notable people can be found at AstroDatabank ( and are rated B or higher; the exceptions are Geronimo (not listed there), Vladimir Putin (DD), and Andrew Johnson (C).


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All charts use Koch houses and the True Node.

Map of 2023 and 2024 Solar Eclipses in US

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