The Spectacular Parallel Fate of

the Jupiter/Neptune 1958 Super Stars

Superstar and extraordinary talent musician Prince transitioned from this world on April 21, 2016, after collapsing in an elevator. Gone too soon, we would agree, for Prince was only 57.
Prince was born on June 7, 1958, on the early summer season that happened to see the birth of some of the most popular and recognizable pop icons of our time, among them Michael Jackson (Aug 29, 1958), Madonna (August 16, 1958), and across the ocean in Britain, Kate Bush (July 30, 1958).
It is truly astounding that this cluster of iconic famous pop music stars were born within a few weeks of each other. We look for the celestial configurations in the natal chart of these figures that could capture their iconic status, and notice they were all born with a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on their North Node.

Chart 1 – Prince and time of passing

Jupiter and Neptune, rulers of Sagittarius and Pisces, both capture what is beyond material boundaries, representing principles of expansion and what is beyond the tangible: the abstract worlds of inspiration, spirituality, and the reach for what is timeless. Jupiter expands boundaries, while Neptune dissolves them altogether. Together, they are the closest we can get to infinity!

Since this conjunction occurred on their North Node, the calling for a larger than life, mythical pop culture influence seems to be in the realm of a greater call of destiny.

Notwithstanding, this is far from being the only parallel in their lives. Focusing on Prince and Michael Jackson, we notice in their charts that they were both born with Mutable Suns and a Pisces Moon—A Moon known to reflect deep idealism, values of peace and unity, naïve Peter Pan-ish demeanors, and a strong identification with collective suffering.

In their own lives, both Prince and Michael Jackson were born to African American musical families, and abusive fathers. To quote Prince in a Rolling Stones interview: “At age twelve, Prince moved in with his father but that came to an abrupt end when (father) Nelson caught his son in bed with a girl. He (Prince) begged his father to take him back but the answer was an emphatic ‘no’. ‘I sat crying at the phone booth for two hours’, he told Rolling Stone in a 1985 interview. ‘That’s the last time I cried’.

At the time, in 1970/71, Prince experienced a Jupiter transit over his natal Neptune, and a subsequent first recurrence of Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in the sky, paying deep consequences for his naïve indulgence, yet beginning a cycle of utter creativity.
In turn, already popular Michael Jackson emerged these years for the first time as a solo artist, with his first solo release Got to be there in October 1971.

1977-79: Breakthroughs – Jupiter/Neptune opposition (Exact June 1977 @ 14 Gemini/Sagittarius)

The years 1977 – 79 were crucial in both their careers. Prince got signed in one of the most lucrative contracts for a newcomer with record company Warner Bros, and released his first album For You (April 7, 1978). Michael Jackson released his first mature album Off the Wall when Jupiter in Leo was trining Neptune in Sagittarius (August 10, 1979) – interestingly both these albums were released with a Sun exact trine to Neptune, and both albums were conceived in the earlier month with a Jupiter in Gemini opposing Neptune in Sagittarius.

1978 was also the year Kate Bush emerged, storming the music scene with her mystical and ethereal number one song Wuthering Heights, and her masterful debut album The Kick Inside, under the same Jupiter/Neptune opposition on February 17, 1978.
1978 was the year Madonna left Michigan for New York with $35 in her pocket and a head full of dreams.

1983-84: Super stardom – Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (exact January 19, 1984 @ 0 Capricorn)

As Jupiter and Neptune were gearing up toward their next conjunction in Sagittarius 1983/84, Michael Jackson released his monumental best-selling album of all times—Thriller (Nov 30, 1982), and the iconic video of the same name (Dec 2, 1983), establishing him as star of mythical proportion in the new pop era of MTV.

On June 25, 1984, Prince released his most iconic album and film Purple Rain, under the new Jupiter and Neptune conjunction phase, selling more than 20 million copies, and making it one of the top ten of best-selling albums of all time.
Madonna followed suit in November 1984, breaking all boundaries of super-stardom with her iconic Like A Virgin album (Nov 12, 1984)

Chart 2 – Release of Purple Rain by Prince

On the British side, 1984 was the year Kate Bush recorded one of her most commercially successful, and critically ‘adored’ albums Hounds of Love, released following 18 months of recording time (Sept 16, 1985).

1996-97: First Child- Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (exact conjunction Jan 9, 1997 @ 27 Capricorn)

A Jupiter cycle forward, as Jupiter was approaching its next conjunction to Neptune in Capricorn in 1996, Madonna announced she was pregnant for the first time, and gave birth to her daughter Lourdes on October 14, 1996. Two days later October 16, 1996, Prince’s son Boy Gregory was born, tragically affected by Pfeiffer syndrome, and died a week later. Michael Jackson, himself welcomed his first child, a boy named Prince on February 13, 1997, exactly a month after the exact Jupiter/Neptune conjunction.

Chart 3 – Michael Jackson’s first child Prince

Kate Bush, in slight delay again, gave birth to Bertie, her first and only son in July 1998.

2009 – Michael Jackson passing – Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (exact May 26 @ 26 Aquarius)

On June 25, 2009 the world was shocked by the news of the untimely death of Michael Jackson, later determined to have been caused by an overdose of pain medication. Jupiter and Neptune were exactly conjunct at 26 Aquarius, alongside Chiron (and semi sextile Uranus at 26 Pisces).

7 years later, Prince collapsed in an elevator on April 21, 2016, after reportedly having suffered from flu like symptoms. It was later revealed that Prince was addicted to pain medication, a factor that likely played a role in his death. Jupiter and Neptune were this time in opposition in Virgo/Pisces, conjunct the Nodal Axis and Chiron.

Timeline of events

The next Jupiter/Neptune conjunction will take place on April 12, 2022 at 23 Pisces, the sign of immortality, mythological fame, and dreams. We can expect this to be a period of significant development for the 1958 ladies, Madonna and Kate Bush, and hopefully, for them and for us, many more years of creative genius and well-being, like only 1958’ers can.

2022 – Kate Bush unexpectedly storms the UK and US music charts – Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (exact April 12, 2022 @ 23 Pisces)

The most recent Jupiter/Neptune conjunction took place on April 12, 2022 at 23 Pisces, the sign of immortality, mythological fame, and dreams. We suspected that those who are still among us, Madonna and Kate Bush, would be up to something during this monumental conjunction in these planets’ own sign of Pisces. While the former has not yet emerged with any development or milestone, Kate Bush rode an extraordinary Jupiter/Neptune cloud when most unexpectedly her 1985 song Running Up That Hill featured on a Netflix series Stranger Things, and topped both the UK and US charts in the course of June and July this year.

Kate Bush came back from seemingly nowhere to conquer a completely new generation with a song recorded almost 40 years prior—a clear demonstration that Jupiter and Neptune represent the timeless.

Article published in the June 2016 edition of the Career Astrologer magazine by OPA
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