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Your contribution will support scholarships and research in the field of Evolutionary Astrology and Astrology as a whole.

Maurice’s devotion to the field of astrology has earned him awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Astrology (2022 Orion Award) and for Astrology Community Service (2022 ISAR Award). He is committed to continue elevating the field of astrology to greater heights, depth, for credibility, and accessibility.

A large number of talented students cannot afford a full investment in their education.

Maurice’s research in the field has earned him a reputation of excellence. It is critical to keep expanding this rich body of knowledge:

“The interpretations, insights, and applications offered in the course are very clearly communicated, precise in their meaning, and often contain new perspectives I’ve not heard anywhere else.  These teachings have both served to expand my understanding of astrology as well as inspired me to improve and expand my writing, counseling, and teaching practice.   I feel this is truly ground breaking, new material that can and should be shared widely. ”
T.L California

Your donation can be used for Student Scholarships – financial support in their professional Astrology Education, or for Ongoing Research and Expansion of this remarkable body of knowledge.

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Consider including a contribution for these causes in your will.

With gratitude, from the stars and from my heart.


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