Identifying the Soul Age

For Chart Analysis

A recurrent question raised by both astrology practitioners and skeptics is how can it be that individuals born with the same chart (born within few minutes of each other), whether biological twins or astrology twins, will not necessarily lead the same lives.

Twins may share the same chart or even the same DNA, but their individual soul has a different history. Their level of consciousness may not be the same, and they will consequently activate their shared chart differently. Identifying the level of consciousness informs us how the chart dynamics will be used.

Existing gaps in consciousness reinforce the validity of reincarnation: if a young child possesses advanced wisdom while their parents are dimly evolved, clearly this wisdom was not acquired through their upbringing or genetic makeup—but are the fruit of previous lifetimes of learning. A soul arrives in this incarnation unconsciously conditioned and inspired by past life experiences.



1 Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness – VOL I

2 Astrology of Transformation by Dane Rudhyar 

Originally published in the September/October 2022 edition of the Astrological Journal
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