In person Study – ASPECT analysis in the Chart

In the magical Red Rock of Sedona, Arizona

A unique opportunity to study in person with Maurice Fernandez, and understand the complex synthesis of analyzing ASPECTS in a chart.

We will explore the root principles of ASPECTS, explore the ASPECT configurations, such as GRAND CROSSES, YODS, SEPTILES and QUINTILES, and much more

Participants will practice on THEIR OWN chart to better understand their own soul journey.

  • Theory into practice: how to sort out “forest from the trees” in the chart.
  • How to unpack the challenges and virtues.
  • Arrival to Sedona (Phoenix Airport PHX) on August 18, and checking in / Departure back home August 25.
  • Early morning Yoga (in nature) / Study from 9:30am to 3:30pm / Community and cooking for each other.
  • Sharing room with one other participants. (This may be one king or two single beds) / Limited single room options.
  • We will share one or two vans and split rental car cost – this will include airport rides.
  • Cooking together, hiking together, Yoga together in the magical land of Sedona!


Minimum 8  / Maximum 14 participants
– Tuition: $450

– Luxury Accommodation: $1000 for the week (shared with one person) / $1500 (Single).

– Rental car with gas: estimated $100-$150

– Food expenses: estimated $150 – $250 (organic food for shared meals)

DEPOSIT – This is to secure your place so we may know how many people join to determine the choice of accommodation.
The deposit is refundable only if someone takes your place once we have a minimum.
$520 with credit card or $500 with Zelle (use email

If you pay with Zelle, be sure to add your email in the memo.

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