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SATURN workshop

Freedom in the Law

Join this workshop for a New indepth perspective on the iconic influence of SATURN –  we will examine the influence of Saturn in every sign and house.

Saturn’s is the bridge between the material and the spiritual world, mirroring both man-made laws and the greater laws of Karma. The lord of time, Saturn represents the rites of passage in our lives and the inevitable mark of time: Maturation, Mastery, and Decay.

In each sign and house, we will explore:
– The natural cycles of development.
– The meaning of KARMA and how it applies in our chart.
– Our mastery, our end.

Join this workshop for a truly insightful and deep introspection into larger than life Saturn!

5 Online sessions – 100-120 min each.
Starts 10am Pacific time /5pm UK time.
Recordings will be made available in case you miss a session.

(5 sessions with recordings) – $120 only

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