Saturn/Pluto conjunction in EACH HOUSE

(Published in the December 2019 edition of the Career Astrologer – OPA)


The long-anticipated Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22°Capricorn is exact on January 12, 2020, but its influence will remain at least for the whole year, and possibly define the decades to come. A brief study of past experiences with this synodic cycle reveals its transformative caliber of colossal proportions! Pluto/Saturn cycles create the narrative for history in the making. It has destroyed empires, reversed fortunes, redrawn world maps, shaken the earth, and brought in pandemics and plagues, to name some of the prominent challenges brought upon humanity.

let us examine how they may affect us more personally. How will the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, later to be joined by Jupiter, influence our charts by house placement?

Both Pluto and Saturn are uncompromising in their influence; if we were to personify them, they would not hesitate to play the devil’s advocate, test our integrity while intoxicating us with power and riches, and then have us walk in sewage. For what? To understand the right use of power (to begin with). Because this influence penetrates so deep, it can fix and recover what is rotten and corrupt. This tough love approach comes in waves, mostly every 15 to 20 years, each time these planets conjunct or oppose each other.

Let us examine how they may affect us more personally. How will the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, later to be joined by Jupiter, influence our charts by house placement?

Pluto/Saturn are exactly conjunct at 22° Capricorn in January.

Pluto/Jupiter are exactly conjunct at 24° Capricorn in April.

The three planets will be in tight proximity to each other throughout the year, with the strongest activation between 20 – 25° Capricorn.

Identify where that lands in your chart and if planets are within those degrees in the Cardinal signs.


  • Redistribution of Power – Turning the tables.
  • Rise to power with test of Integrity on how the power is used.
  • Enhanced ambition and drive.
  • Temptation for corruption.
  • Potential karmic retribution and fall from grace.
  • Deconstruction of existing structures to fix or completely rebuild.

Below are simplified descriptions of the possible expression of this transit per house. If this applies to your circumstances, be sure to explore these themes more deeply.


In an angular house, we can expect a need to start a new chapter in life, possibly through an identity crisis. You may feel empowered to take charge of your life, cut ties, and re-write your script.

Key for success: Have the courage to break away from what is dysfunctional in your life. Now is the time.

Risk: Power struggles and loss of trust. Choose the battles really worth fighting for.


Important changes in resource management. Possibility for significant gains, but be very careful about integrity issues around finances. Money may come with strings attached, assess if it worth it.
A time to recalibrate your self-esteem, there is a need to deepen your values and surround yourself with those who can share those values. As such, a need may arise to rebuild your temple.

Key for success: Focus on wealth distribution, empower others as you empower yourself.

Risk: Mismanagement of resources can lead to losses – be careful of gluttony.


Find the true masters, those who possess true knowledge. If teachers fail you, is it perhaps your time to gain mastery? Potential new leadership in educational structures, and redefinition of your course curriculum.

Key for success: Words are powerful, use them wisely and touch people’s soul.

Risk: Be mindful of copyright issues – cite your sources and quote your teachers, ask for the same from those around you.


An angular house affecting the foundations of our lives. Important family changes may occur, perhaps through separations or through a relocation. If this is the case, uprooting can be emotionally demanding, and yet, it can provide an opportunity for an rewarding new chapter.

Key for success: Stay true to yourself as you step outside your comfort zone. You can do this!

Risk: Resistance to change and holding on to the past can make things more painful than necessary.


This is a time for great achievements, even manifesting a large-scale vision. Feed your ambition, you may be called to take on an important leadership role or birth your magnum opus.

Your children will draw attention and may go through a developmental crisis. Find the right balance between support and tough love.

Key for success: Keep your heart open and show up for what you are called, small or large scale.

Risk: You may feel justified to take full control, but beware of forcing your agenda. No matter how benevolent one may be, a dictator is a dictator.


Bosses may push too hard at work, increasing performance demands. Ask for proper compensation if this is the case. There may be a change of leadership in the workplace altogether, requiring adaptation and recalibration. Take good care of your bones, teeth… collagen, mineral supplements on the menu.

Key for success: You can work hard and succeed, but make sure to avoid wasting time trying to fix what must be eliminated in the first place.

Risk: Pushing your body too far, worrying too much. Chiropractic and massage support in order.


You may want to test the boundaries of your relationships, or be tested by circumstances. Trust issues may arise, but if the case, look deeper. What needs to change? The relationship can go deeper if you open up emotionally, be completely honest, and admit vulnerability.

Key for success: Opening up to new perspectives can bring a refreshing wind into your life. Let others lead, without losing yourself.

Risk: That powerful stranger can challenge your otherwise intact morals.


A deep introspection into values of power and success. This is a time for deep revelation, perhaps inconvenient truths, and purging. Something in your life may need to be relinquished, let it die if it is so. Your sharp perspective may be of greatest service to people around you in crisis.

Key for success: Muster the courage to walk alone, and the right alliances may manifest down the road.

Risk: Do not let necessary caution turn to paranoia. Don’t let conspiracy theories drown your faith in life.


This may be a time when new revelations put existing beliefs into doubt. An academic or spiritual path you follow may lose credibility, and prompt you to change course. This is a time for radical authenticity and integrity, so any form of dishonesty must be confronted. You may be confronted with prejudice and bigotry, another opportunity for the truth to come out.

Key for success: Your vision for expansion must be grounded because it will have to pass tests of credibility. Build a solid case to support growth and expansion.

Risk: Legal matters involving foreign trade and travel may need to be addressed.

10th HOUSE

There is a change of guard, and you are either called to ascend to a higher status or retire from an existing position. An authority vacates his or her place. While you may be promoted to a new position, you may attract scrutiny, testing your capacity and integrity in this capacity. Take it one step at a time.

Key for success: Walk your talk, practice what you preach. People are starving for reliable leaders. Don’t be self-righteous with finger pointing, just shine your light.

Risk: Worthy causes may justify manipulation. Do not accrue negative karma.

11th HOUSE

Your social life is under scrutiny and you may need to filter out friends to focus on more genuine ones, or in a broader sense, revisit your ties to your community. Possible scandals and trust violations may arise to stimulate necessary change. This may be a time when you take a leadership role in your community, start your non-profit.

Key for success: New solutions may be found in older wisdom. It is a time to move forward with those who share your vision.

Risk: You want to elevate your standards, but be mindful about becoming inapproachable and exclusive.

12th HOUSE

This is a time to step it up as you may need to show up for a greater cause. If so, remember this is not about you, and you may need to sacrifice personal comfort for that service. You may go through  times of purging when nothing holds anymore… if so, breathe through this void, let the universe guide you and you will discover what it is about – in this process, find out you may be stronger than you thought.

Key for success: Remember the big picture, why you are here do what you do. Trust the higher intention.

Risk: Resistance and need to be in control may lead to stagnation in your life, step out of wishful thinking or self-pity. Be cautious about those in position of authority who offer more than they can provide and can be deceiving.

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