| Private Consultations

Counseling Sessions

In counseling sessions, the dynamics of the chart are discussed from the perspective of the evolution of the soul.

A deeper understanding of your life purposes and lessons is provided, and you can ask any question about your life, from relationships, to vocation, health, children, or spiritual development. We subsequently look at the coming cycles for the year to best guide you through your development and process.

A counseling session is appropriate anytime you need clarity and direction in your life.

Finding Auspicious Times for your Procedures

Weddings, Surgeries, New Business, Move, any new beginning

Finding the right date for an event tremendously increases the chances for positive development and outcome. You increase the blessings and universal support when finding the date that best fits your chart.

Contact Maurice to describe the nature of the event you wish to find a date for. Email your birth information along with the time range the event needs to occur and its location.