7 Live sessions of practice /20+ hours of video material.

March 23 – 25 – 30 / April 1 – 6- 8 – 13, 2023

(Thur/Sat)10am to 12pm Pacific time)


Transits / Solar Arcs / Secondary Progressions / Eclipses

An extensive program to master the understanding and use of predictive measurements in Astrology.

While many astrology enthusiasts are familiar with the use of transits, we will go deeper into understanding what makes transits stronger and how to interpret them accurately.

We will explore the power of eclipses in people’s important activations.

Included in the study is the use of SOLAR ARCS and PROGRESSIONS, themselves very reliable forecast tools.

Joining this program will provide you with the proper guidance, tools, and expertise to accurately analyze the future cycles of planets, knowing what can and cannot be determined. The focus is on accurate interpretation and the ethical use of predictive techniques.

(Payment plan available – contact Maurice for details)

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