2 practice Sessions:

  • The Moon Void of Course
  • Levels of Consciousness – Spiritual level

Join Maurice for practice sessions to help you better integrate all chart components and learn by applying the knowledge.

(10am to 12pm Pacific / 1pm-3pm Eastern / 7pm-9pm Central Europe)

JULY 13 – Understanding and applying the MOON VOID OF COURSE

What is the Void of Course Moon and what does it mean? Understanding it by transit and in the natal chart.

AUGUST  11 – The Soul Age – focus on the SPIRITUAL LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS

Charts are spirals that we can express at different levels of consciousness – brief overview of all levels, and what is specific to the spiritual level.

You can join one or both sessions – If you join one, write Maurice which one you are signing up for in your payment memo.

  • Sessions are about 2h long
  • Online through Zoom
  • One or two charts will be selected for examples, from participants.
  • Recordings will be available.

These sessions are included in tuition for CYCLE 14 students and UPgraded – or payment below for other participants.

Cost single session $35 / both: $65

($33 or $60 for both – pay with Zelle at livingsky7@gmail.com – write your name/email in memo)

Single session

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Two sessions

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