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#1 – PLUTOPIA in AQUARIUS – what to expect!
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Principles of PLUTO in AQUARIUS – We will examine what the evolutionary intentions of this new 20 year cycle are, personally and collectively. We will examine when the different peaks will occur, what to expect, and how to navigate this powerful transit.

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#2 – Pluto in Aquarius in EVERY HOUSE

Where in your chart this transit will occur? We will discuss the activations and intentions for each house.

#3 – How will this affect the other PLUTO GENERATIONS?

Boomers (Pluto in Leo) prepare for a Pluto/Pluto generation, Millennials (Pluto in Scorpio) for the square. We will discuss how each of the Pluto generations, from Leo to Capricorn may experience Pluto in Aquarius.

Due to PLUTO’s closer orbit to the Sun during our lifetime, it locked into a generational sextile with NEPTUNE – so the analysis includes Neptune’s generational placements.

#4 – 2024 session – PLUTO milestones (the first 10 years)

The Pluto/Mars cycle, from 2022 to 2024, and into the US election zeitgeist. What will the next 1o years bring!

Pluto in Aquarius has been both greatly anticipated as a liberating energy, and daunted for we know Pluto brings the shadows to surface. This series of online presentations will shed light on the spiritual meanings and applications of this long transit, for both the personal and collective.

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