Astrology, Consciousness & The Great Shift

An Astrology Conference at OMEGA INSTITUTE, NY

September 24 to 26, 2021 at the OMEGA institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Five expert voices of modern astrology weave their individual threads of thought into a beautiful cosmic tapestry. Join them on an intellectual and spiritual adventure in consciousness as they share a grounded approach to this timeless star knowledge.

Conference Faculty: Maurice Fernandez, Kay Taylor, Rick Levine, Kathryn Andren, and Anne Ortelee.

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Maurice’s Presentations:

Friday 8:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.

Astrology: A Step Forward for Civilization
Astrology gains momentum as increasingly more people search for reliable tools to better navigate the wild currents of our times. Aligning ourselves with the cosmic clock of planetary cycles provides an opportunity to be in tune with pulse of the universe. We begin our time together with an exploration of how astrology serves as a tool to enhance the development of humanity, and perhaps even revolutionizes our culture. We explore where we’ve been and how astrological cycles have shaped our current age.

Saturday 3:40 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

The Challenge of Truth: Transpersonal Planets Uranus, Neptune & Pluto
We live in times of accelerated change―globally and personally―but are we chasing our tails, fated to repeat history, or are we truly evolving in the spiral of consciousness? Maurice will describe the three main forces of evolution―the transpersonal planets Uranus for earning our wings, Pluto for shedding our skin, and Neptune for swimming through the portal of eternity. We will discuss how the current placement of these planets affect us personally as well as the fabric of our civilization.

Sunday 10:05 a.m.–10:35 a.m.

The Great JUPITER/NEPTUNE conjunction of 2022

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