OMEGA Astrology Conference: June 7-9, 2024

Humanity Rising in the Leo-Aquarius Age

JUNE 7 – 9, 2024
Omega Institute, Upstate New York

Nested in mesmerizing nature, OMEGA INSTITUTE is the perfect location of spiritual retreats!

Join masterful astrologers, visionary mystic artist, and special guest Linda Tucker, keeper of the sacred White Lions, to learn navigate the paradigm shift and new consciousness of the Leo-Aquarius Age emerging.

Whatever your level of astrological knowledge, you can emerge from this weekend with a vaster perspective, understanding, and vision. Today, astrology is not only a tool to track future cycles, but also one of the most profound bodies of knowledge for self-realization.

Hear the galactic roar as we transition into this new epoch!



Friday June 7

8pm – 10pm

The Turning of the Ages: Mythical Times upon Us


Can star-beings incarnate on earth, do myths ever become reality, is magic ever scientific? We live on the threshold of a new age where multiple dimensions converge to seed a new epoch through chaos and creation. Maurice will introduce these concepts to the audience, demonstrating how astrology is our witness authenticating the supernatural in our times.

The StarLions:  New Paradigm for the Leo-Aquarius Age


Initiated by an indigenous medicine woman, Linda Tucker’s extraordinary story – which follows her calling to protect Africa’s most sacred animal, the luminous White Lions, and return them to their lands of origin in South Africa – is a mythical activation of the transition into the Leo-Aquarius Age.

Timbavati, the White Lions’ ancestral homelands is an ancient sacred natural site on the Nilotic Meridian, directly aligning with the Giza pyramids where the leonine Sphynx embodies human/lion consciousness (Leo/AQ). The name itself – “Tsimba-vaati” means “place where the StarLions came down from the Heavens.”

By contrast, unscrupulous wildlife trade and exploitative abuse of nature have threatened our world with the 6thglobal extinction. Through her pioneering non-profit organization, the Global White Lion Protection Trust, Linda Tucker has dedicated her life to the solution – restoring heart – the LionHeart – to the ecosystem and to those of us in humanity raising our consciousness in service of Earth at this time.

In her opening presentation, Linda shares her initiatory introduction to the Way of the StarLion, and the hard realities on the conservation frontline in order to co-create harmonious coexistence in these times of crisis and opportunity.

Celestial Entities – Installation


The installation of the 10 traditional planets evokes them as celestial entities. As they bring experiences where we gain consciousness, do they also possess awareness? The planets will be arranged from Sun, Moon, Mercury, to Pluto. My meditations on them will be discussed and played. Viewers are welcome to play them after the discussion to evoke their understandings of what the Planets can mean.

Amir Bey – Sacred Art: Celestial Entities

Saturday June 8

9am – 12:15pm

Pluto in Aquarius: We’re all in this together


Pluto is at the inception of a 20 year passage  through the sign of Aquarius. As Pluto  enters more deeply into the sign, it dismantles the old hierarchies, and empowers collective change. It calls us together as  both witnesses and actors in the emergence of  a new humanity. It will bring a promethean moment, with possibilities for radical social reorganisation, inviting us to reaffirm our humanity as we confront the shadow of technological and collective l control  as well as planetary change. On an individual level, Pluto in Aquarius calls us urgently  to see what is true in each heart. As hearts come together, new avenues for collective change can emerge.

The Great SATURN/NEPTUNE Cycle: Biblical times in AI Reality  


Probably the most important alignment of the decade, the Saturn/Neptune conjunction promises to redefine the map of the world. Historically, it marked the Bolshevik revolution (1917) to the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), and the birth of Lincoln and Darwin. Maurice will outline what this seemingly impossible marriage of matter with spirit means for us individually and collectively.

The Polarity of Leo in the Age of Aquarius


The backward wobbling of the Earth on its axis is a 26,000 year cycle that creates 12 astrological ages of about 2,160 years each. We now stand at the end of the Age of Pisces and on the threshold of the much anticipated Age of Aquarius. However, we must understand that astrological archetypes present as polar opposites. There is no up without down, no light without dark. Similarly, there is no Aquarius without its polarity of Leo. How can does Leo the Lion enable and empower us to have the courage to envision the brave new world humanity is entering?

2:00 – 3:05pm

Wild and Wildness: Mars


Mars has a power that emerges from the bounds of the ‘civilized’ self, sometimes in an instant. It can save us, overwhelm us, or bring us to strengths we have forgotten. As a risk taking planet, Mars brings us to the edge of our own destructive/creative frontier. How do we reconcile anger and wildness, rage and daring? Mars offers us the strength to be ourselves in difficult moments, to renew ourselves in situations of stasis. With the north node of the Moon in Aries, we are called to a stronger, more conscious relationship with the red planet. Mars will retrograde from fiery Leo to the complex territoy of Cancer at the very end of 2024. It calls us to protect what we hold dear. Will we be overwhelmed by the pull of our émotions, or find the courage to save what needs defending.

Astrology and the Sacredness of Nature


Join me on an experiential excursion into the magical realms of planets, people, plants, cosmos, crystals, and consciousness in order to directly experience how everything is more connected to everything else than we normally think. We will explore the sacredness of harmony as expressed through patterns in nature, music, and sensory experiences. The animal totems inform our understanding of the cycles of experience through their correspondences with the astrological zodiac, but this is just the beginning. Temporarily, we will leave the complicated astrological analyses behind and step through a portal into a magical territory where experiencing, not seeing, is believing.

Civilization through the Astrological Ages


What is an astrological age, how do we identify them, and when is the Leo/Aquarius age beginning? Maurice will take us on a journey through the epochs, exploring the macro cycles that have defined the course of civilizations on earth. Most importantly, Maurice will outline the fundamental principles intrinsic to the impending Leo/Aquarius Age.

8pm – 10pm

StarLions on Earth


Linda Tucker will lead participants through the principles of ancient indigenous traditions designed to ignite hearts, clarify purpose, and align with the star plan in remembrance of Nature’s laws – principles inspired by the White Lions and established in the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ (founded in 2012).

A powerful model that aligns star knowledge into purposeful action in service of our planet.

9:30pm – 10pm

Gong bath by VALERIE WEIR

Sunday June 9

9am – 12pm

The Royal Stars: Portal of Heavens


Four fixed stars representing spiritual kingdoms are aligned in the sky to form a cross with four directions. These were referred to as the Royal Stars by the ancient Persians, and while some contemporaries dispute these associations, Maurice will explore why these stars are important and why honoring their nobility may be more than a fanciful myth. The Royal Stars are portals of divine intervention.

Jupiter in Gemini: Learning a new language


As Jupiter enters Gemini for the next 12 months it rejuvenates our understanding. It does this through  multiplicity and fragmentation, in a way  that may also confound our certainties. It gathers the  murmurings and subtext of outsider thoughts, the rumors of an awareness different from our own. Far from being black and white, it brings a possibility of touching into what has been previously disconnected or poorly understood. Jupiter in Gemini  asks us to learn a new language for what till now has been beyond our understanding.

Why Astrology, Ceremony, Shamanism, and Magic?


Traditionally, astrology is the product of a patriarchal society, written by guys and for guys. But prior to the mathematically derived and intellectually developed Hellenistic astrology, our ancestors were much more directly connected with the cosmos through various forms of ceremony, shamanism, and magic. The Age of Enlightenment was the final stamp of approval on the separation of humans from nature. Now, a significant part of the evolution of consciousness demands the reintegration of feminine/yin energies into the previously masculine/yang system of astrology. By embracing experience rather than limiting ourselves to the intellectual analysis of experience, we can gain a more meaningful relationship with the world and with others living in it.

Humanity Rising: Restoring harmonious coexistence with ourselves and our planet


In this closing take-away session, Linda Tucker shares critical heart-centred wisdom from the White Lions (known as “StarLions” in the ancient traditions of Africa) that will accelerate and clarify the progression path of our lives at the turning of the Leo-Aquarius Age.

Ceremonial activation

Planets will be arranged according to these important upcoming transits in the context of transitional ages: the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of April, 2024,  Mars Rx in Leo in December, 2024, and the Saturn/Neptune in Aries conjunction of 2025-26. The planets will be played as the transits’ meanings are interpreted, inviting the audience into meditation and intention.


TESTIMONIALS (2023 event)

The conference overall was really incredible. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Every part of the conference was done very well from the accommodations to the food to the attendees and the amazing conference itself.

The overall experience was purely magical! I absolutely loved being in community with fellow astrologers, learning from the presenters whom I’ve been following for years, and feeling supported and seen in a community that felt so warm and welcoming.

I loved the variety of having multiple astrologers and topics. The topics were all very relevant to the present moment.
I also thought it was wonderful how each of the astrologers was very accessible throughout the weekend. This is something you don’t always get at these types of conferences. It made the experience more personal and connected.

Video with Rick Levine about the TURNING of the AGES

Video with Lynn Bell about Pluto in Aquarius and Jupiter in Gemini

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