August 14 – 30, 2021 (9 sessions)

The Nodal Axis and Eclipses

Evolutionary portals of the Soul

9 Sessions immersion workshop (online)

The ultimate class on the powerful effects of Nodes and Eclipses.

Join this deep exploration of the soul journey as depicted in the Lunar Nodes in our charts and by transit.

Maurice will present this transformative material, to understand our life purpose and soul intention for this life.

Program includes

  • The Nodes in each Sign and House.
  • The Astronomy of Nodes and Eclipse Cycles.
  • How to work with Eclipses.
  • Planets in aspect to the Nodes.
  • Transits of the Nodes.


August 14-15-16 (Sat-Mon) / Aug 21-22-23 (Sat-Mon) / Aug 28-29-30 (Sat-Mon)

9am to 12pm (Pacific) / 6pm to 9pm (Central Europe) / 2am to 5am (NSW Australia)

9 sessions: $400 (payment plan available)

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