Mentorship to Advance your Astrology Practice

March 22 to August 2, 2023 (6 monthly meetings)

The Mentorship program with Maurice Fernandez will focus on these themes and questions:

  • How to marry the spiritual with the financial.
  • How to not only survive but thrive as an astrologer.
  • Focus on our skill sets – what are your strength, what are your weaknesses.
  • Marketing and social media: strategies and effective uses.
  • Website: does it bring you clients or pushes them away.
  • Making a positive impact and changing lives in your practice.
  • Suggestion to diversify your services:
  • How to increase your client reading work.
  • How to begin/enhance your teaching practice.
  • Entering public speaking circuits.
  • Writing, blogging, podcasting, publishing
  • Personal focus according to your chart (within the group context).

I’m excited for this process together.

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