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Powerful planetary cycles are upon us: The Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Cycles

Maurice Fernandez and Gemini Brett conducted a series of presentations about the important cycles of our time:

MASTER CLASSES (90 min sessions)

  • Understanding Eclipses

    – Dec 14 and 2021 Eclipses

We will explore the Saros and Metonic eclipse cycles, with a particular focus on the Solar Eclipse of the day at 23 Sagittarius. What does this mean for humanity, what does it mean for us personally?

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  • Alchemy and life force of Elements

From the cellular level to the expansion of consciousness, ELEMENTS are life. Explore with us this important study of elements as we shift from a great cycle in Earth to Air.

  • Jupiter/Saturn Synodic Cycle

The two gas giants align every 20 years changing foundations and references in our lives. This time, it coincides with a change in elements that will seed a new cycle of 200 years. The tables are turning, leaders are dethroned as new ones ascend, reflecting a paradigm shift on personal and global levels.

The implications are extraordinary.

  • Saturn/Uranus Synodic Cycle

When Past and Future synchronize: the 45 year cycle started in 1988 and will complete in 2032. This year marks the last square that accelerates decay and development that can alter the course of civilization.

  • Astrology and Spiritual Development

What are the implications of a spiritual life in the current times? How do the Jupiter/Uranus and Jupiter/Neptune cycles teach us about self-realization as we emerge from a global existential crisis that has made us question everything in our lives: systems, leaders, our security, what was once taken for granted. Prepare for illumination on this auspicious day of the Great conjunction.


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