June 2016 Sacred Site Journey to Greece – From Delphi to Paros and the sacred island of Delos, and closing in Santorini, the Atlantean island where the volcano Nea Kameni resides and where the peaceful and matriarchal Minoean culture were established (along with Crete).

Walking on Water – Ceremony for the Mutable Grand Cross in the sky.
Walking on waters

Temple of the Sun God Apollo, site of the Oracle invoked through Pytha (Phython the serpent) who channeled Apollo.
Invocation Temple of Apollo

Temple of Athina in Delphi (photo by Sule Altuner)
Temple of Athena in Delphi

Ceremony for the Mutable Cross – union
Ceremonial two

Terrace of the lions in Delos, overlooking the place of birth of Apollo (Sun) and Artemis (Moon)
Lions of Delos

Spiritual Dance and philosophy at the Taos Center in Paros
Taos Center

Offering a bundle from Hawaii Volcano ‘Kiluea’ to Santorini Volcano ‘Nea Kameni’
Nea Kameni Volcano offering

View from the volcano – it errupted in 1600 BC and destroyed the Minoan civilization
Santorini Blues

Saffron and Sage offering to Goddess Nea Kameni as the Mineoan traditionally did
Nea Kameni Saffron