June 11-12-13 & 19-20

The Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness

Identifying the Soul Age for accurate chart analysis

5 Day immersion workshop

Born with the same chart, leading different lives.

Maurice will present an extended study of the evolutionary levels of consciousness, foundational knowledge of evolutionary astrology originally developed by Dane Rudhyar and Jeffrey Green.

A baby is born with a rich soul history and an already developed consciousness that will define their life orientation in this incarnation. The Soul Age supercedes the chronological age of a person, manifesting in gifts, wisdom, and struggles that are not necessarily related to genetics or cultural influence, but past life experiences.

The astrological chart does not reveal the soul age, this is why two people born with the same chart, including twins, will not necessarily lead the same life. Their level of consciousness may be very different. Astrologers need to learn about the soul age to provide more precise and adequate advice to their clients, based on their level of evolution. In this workshop Maurice will highlight how to identify the soul age, and how to apply this to chart analysis.


June 11-12-13 + June 19-20

10am to 12:30pm (Pacific) / 7pm to 9:30pm (Central Europe) / 3am to 5:30am (NSW Australia)

5 sessions: $150

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