What is Evolutionary Astrology

In the intricate and ever-evolving world of astrology, the emergence of Evolutionary Astrology offers a growth-oriented and soul-centered perspective to natal chart analysis and forecasting.

About Evolutionary Astrology

Through Evolutionary Astrology the deepest existential questions can be addressed, and in such a way, we may provide the most effective guidance for the day to day practical concerns.

Beginning with “why am I here, what is the purpose of this life,” we can subsequently provide guidance for more immediate concerns such as relationships, vocation, or financial concerns.

In an astrology chart reading, we learn to identify the intentions of such signatures, and then assess what are possible outcomes. No placement is good or bad, each has an evolutionary intention.

While Evolutionary Astrology is considered a modern development within the practice of astrology, its premise relies on the timeless wisdom that we have a soul and that we grow our consciousness, concepts long explored in ancient traditions.

Astrology departed from being solely deterministic, “good fortune” “bad fortune” approach, to reflect the growth process of consciousness. In our studies, we understand the astrology chart is a spiral and can be expressed at lower or higher consciousness.

Importantly, Evolutionary Astrology considers the growth of consciousness to unfold over multiple lifetimes, using astrology as a reliable tool to identify past lives and how these impact current life circumstances. Analyzing past lives helps us identify themes that affect us, but are traced before our early childhood dynamics – Are we now dealing with unresolved issues, fears, or memories of our prior incarnations? This can be an opportunity to better understand and resolve them now.

Who founded Evolutionary Astrology

This body of knowledge emerged from pioneering work of several astrologers during the 20th century, especially humanistic astrologer Dane Rudhyar who forged the way forward for a consciousness focus of astrology and Carl Jung who understood astrology to reflect synchronicity and soul.

Through their own spiritual experiences, pioneers in the emergence of Evolutionary Astrology Jeffrey Green and Steven Forrest developed this approach and body of knowledge more specifically during the eighties.

Maurice Fernandez was initially trained by Jeffrey Green, and went on to develop his own body of knowledge, expanding on contents and methodology offered in Evolutionary Astrology Studies.

In 2023, Maurice Fernandez and Steven Forrest have come together to recalibrate the initial Evolutionary Astrology principles for our current times to help better understand this approach.

9 Principles of Evolutionary Astrology

The Universe is a conscious, intelligent, and ultimately benevolent design that fosters the evolution of consciousness despite the inevitable intermittent experience of suffering which is integral to life’s experience.

Nothing happens randomly in life; whether through successes or adversity, there is a higher evolutionary purpose behind everything that occurs in our lives.

The process of evolution extends through numerous lifetimes. The natal astrology chart, in its entirety, describes where we are at in the evolutionary course, and our next steps intended for the current incarnation.

Every chart represents a spectrum of possibilities. We have the free will to express it more (or less) consciously.

Willingly reaching toward the higher possibilities promised by our natal chart leads us toward increasing well-being.

The horoscope does not reveal anyone’s level of consciousness.

Chart placements are neutral in their quality, representing the evolutionary design and path of a person. No chart is doomed to suffering or guaranteed success because no placement is inherently good or bad.

Planetary cycles represent changing developmental climates. How we respond to planetary influences is our own responsibility.

Evolutionary Astrology encompasses a diversity of technical approaches to chart analysis. Generally, a strong focus is put on the Nodal Axes. Prior lifetimes are assumed. Every chart component is viewed as a signature of the soul’s evolutionary course. Specific methods of interpretation vary from one practitioner to another.

Evolutionary Astrology readings

When we analyze a birth chart, we consider the level of consciousness, the Soul Age of the person.

People may have the same chart, but their soul is not at the same age. This is most obvious when twins who share almost identical charts, can have different lives. The reason is that while they have the same chronological age, they may have a different soul age.

To learn more about the Soul Age in Evolutionary Astrology, view this article: https://mauricefernandez.com/soulage/

In an astrology chart reading, Evolutionary astrologers seek to uncover the core reasons for choices, circumstances, and the unfolding of a person’s life – why things happened, what are the main evolutionary themes? We aim not only to look at symptoms, but the root causes.

For example, in an evolutionary astrology reading, if a person asks when they will meet their soul mate, our approach will examine, what the evolutionary intentions are in their relationships, what are the potential blockages and lessons to learn. This approach informs us how to use the natal chart to not only find a potential partner, but to sustain healthy relationships over time. It is one thing to use astrology for the next relationship opportunity, and another thing to help a person actually make their relationship work.

Understanding the soul purposes helps us align with divine intelligence and ultimately lead better lives. Evolutionary Astrology provides unparalleled depth of perspective on these processes to find longer lasting solutions.

Find out more about your own soul purposes in this life in an astrology reading:

Evolutionary Astrology studies

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