Maurice leads spiritual journeys to sacred sites on the planet with the aim to realign individual consciousness with the divine essence of life. These journeys combine higher knowledge with honor of the earth, in celebration of life. The holistic approach to experiences fosters heart opening, higher realization, self-empowerment, and fun.

We explore and study star knowledge, visit some of the most magnificent sacred sites, set intentions and prayers in ceremonies, align our bodies with earth and sky through the sunrise and sunset practices of Kundalini Yoga, connect with the consciousness of rocks, vegetation, and animals in our environment, educate ourselves and take action to restore the balance and sanctification of the earth and all livings, and apply love, respect, and celebration among ourselves as we experience the most uplifting and challenging adventures.

Maurice Has Led Groups To

  • Southern Africa’s sacred sites associated with the rare White Lions of Timbavati (South),
  • Mexico, exploring the Mayan and Aztec pyramid, celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead),
  • Arctic Norway with the indigenous Sami people and the sacred Reindeer (North),
  • Israel, gate to three continents and site of ancestral revelation (Middle East),
  • Greece ancestry of modern astrology and the foundational inspiration for modern civilization. (Atlantean)
  • Sedona, AZ, magnificent site of native American tradition and access to inter-dimensional vortexes (West),
  • Hawaii Big Island where newest earth is created on the planet with the meeting of 4 elements: Lava, Ocean, Earth, and Air. (West)
  • Australia southern skies, connection with aboriginal wisdom keepers, and the most iconic wildlife.

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