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Charmaine Frost

Maurice doesn’t just show how to read charts; he’s a “teacher of life” who models how to approach humans and the “human condition”, both within and beyond the boundaries of astrology.


Nicola Raadsma

Finding reliable teachers who have real wisdom, deep insight, robust integrity and an enduring commitment to the truth, has been a challenge. I knew after that experience that I had found a true and noble teacher.

Tom Lescher

As you teach from the level of consciousness that you have achieved, the quality and depth of Maurice’s teachings reflect a high level of personal evolution, awareness, love, and devotion to the evolutionary process of others.

Arthur Tornes

I feel that the course in full and my work with Maurice has encouraged the development of profound inner changes in me and have infused me with inspiration and taken my life to another level of consciousness.

Janine Opheim

I absolutely LOVE this!!! I needed this SO much, I had no idea just how much… Thank you

Yael Pomeranz

I’ve been listening for 28 mins. and I’m taking a short break. I must say this aloud: I’ve *never* in my life heard someone talking so clearly and accurately and sharply about the deepest human emotions and this most obscure domain of human mentality as Maurice does, making the whole embroidery so obvious and lucid. I am short of words and completely and utterly stunned and most deeply grateful.

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