Consultation Sessions

In consultation sessions, the dynamics of the chart are discussed from the perspective of the evolution of the soul. A deeper understanding of your life purposes and lessons is provided, and you can ask any question about your life, from relationships, to vocation, health, children, location, or spiritual development. We subsequently look at the coming cycles for the year to best guide you through your development and process.

A counseling session is appropriate anytime you need clarity and direction in your life.

Please Note

There’s a need in advance for the birth date, time, and place. You can usually find your birth time  through a birth certificate, or contact the hospital where you were born for records, or your parent’s memory. It is very advisable to have at least a 15 minutes range accuracy.

The counseling sessions are usually conducted over the internet (Zoom or Skype) from Arizona in the USA.

A session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. The conversation is digitally recorded on my side (however, this is not a guaranteed service as Maurice will not be responsible for technical problems emerging on rare occasions. Please take notes for a back-up on your side.

1. Pay for your Session

(for sliding scale options, email Maurice)

$290 for a Session.

$210 for Another Session Within 6 Months

2. Set an appointment

Email me your birth information, current location, and availability to the address below and we can schedule your session.

Hear my approach to chart readings


Astrology readings by Maurice Fernandez rely on his interpretation of the client’s astrology chart, based on the given birth day, time and place. These interpretations must be considered as suggestions and possibilities; the client is invited to reflect upon the interpretations and assess if they are worthy of being taken into consideration and implemented or not. The client should also know that the astrology chart reflect a potential, but does not offer a guarantee for that potential.