Baby Gambia
A Powerful Tale of Survival

Birth Data: September 2, 1999 | 9:00 p.m. | Banjul, Gambia


Baby girl found in a garbage dump soon after her birth in the city of Banjul in Gambia, Africa. It was a rainy evening when someone heard crying, found her, and brought her to the hospital. She was found to be perfectly healthy. The person who brought her in intended to adopt her, but there is no information if he actually did or if she was brought to an orphanage.

Baby Gambia

Chart Description

Pluto in the 8th house conjunct mars in Sagittarius, opposing Moon in the second house in Gemini, squaring the Sun and mercury in Virgo.
The South node of the moon in Aquarius in the 11th house, conjunct Uranus and Neptune in the 10th house both retrograde, squaring Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus in the 1st and 2nd house.
North node of the moon in Leo, conjunct Venus retrograde.
Ruler of the North node, is the Sun in Virgo in the 6th.
Aries Rising; the ruler of the Ascendant is Mars in the 8th house conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius.

Chart Analysis

The chart clearly demonstrates highly pressuring survival struggles. Pluto in the 8th house opposing the moon shows a series of past lives where Baby Gambia was either abandoned and possibly even killed by her by her mother, or orphaned at an early age. However Pluto conjuncting Mars, the ruler of the Ascendant, shows that these extreme experiences have led the soul of this girl to develop in past lives incredible survival instincts and an ability to fight back her fate. Pluto/Mars in the 8th house demonstrate a core need for her to take charge of her destiny and undergo a metamorphosis to never let history repeat itself. There is a need to embrace new values and make fundamental changes. Her evolutionary goal is rise from powerlessness to positions of strength and influence .

The Pluto/Mars/Moon axis in the 2nd and 8th houses, demonstrates past lives where she was forced into prostitution. One reason could have been her moving from a rural to an urban environment, shaking her sense of security and consequently leading her astray. Gemini and Sagittarius relate to cultural shocks cause by environmental changes. Pluto/Mars opposing the Moon shows an uprooting of her home environment, and a trauma relating to very painful separation, and a lack of stability due to recurrent shocks. She consequently developed aggressive behavior in order to adapt to street life.

The South Node in Aquarius, conjunct Uranus and Neptune retrograde, shows that she was part of groups and gangs which served as an alternative family, yet this environment promoted prostitution (referring the squares from the South Node to the planets in Taurus). She was at times completely brainwashed and followed the codes of these street leaders (Neptune in the 10th house, in Aquarius), and in other times, she rebelled, and found herself on her own. Saturn squaring the Nodes in Taurus shows a rigorous lesson in self-reliance and survival. It also shows times of extreme lack of resources, starvation, and isolation. Neptune retrograde in the 10th house shows the absence of parental guidance, inducing a lack of boundaries and ability to discriminate between right and wrong, thus causing scenarios where she was subjected to chaotic life situation under immoral authority figures (such as the street leader in past lives or her mother in this life). The fact that Neptune squares Jupiter in this context shows a potential for group rape. Another application of this aspect is the fact that she was stealing money and resources as a way of survival. The South Node being in Aquarius together with the conjunctions to Uranus and Neptune, shows that she detached completely from her emotional body, repressing her needs to be nurtured. The squares to the Taurus planets imply that she detached from her physical body as well in order not to feel any physical pain connected to the sexual activity she had to endure. Such detachment led to a fragmented personality, potentially inducing insanity (Aquarius/Gemini moon).

It is very likely that her mother in this life abandoned her because she was herself a prostitute, or mentally instable to take care of her. In certain cases, Neptune in the 10th house can refer to parents who are incompetent and unable to handle their responsibilities.

However, this incarnation is marked with a need for new beginnings. The rising sign shows the new seed that will be planted; it is the new dawn to come. In this case it is Aries which demonstrates a rise in force and a need to reaffirm. The ruler of the rising sign, Mars, being at the absolute zero degree of Sagittarius shows as well that a new cycle has been launched, which relates to the need for independence, and for justice to be done. However, the fact that Mars is in a balsamic phase to Pluto implies unfinished business that has to be dealt with before the new dawn can rise. And so it actually happened; she was abandoned at birth, recreating the chaos of her past life, but she was found and therefore broke the “umbilical cord” of her mother’s karma. There will probably be other karmic repercussions in her future, but nonetheless it seems this soul is determined to heal.

Another signature referring to the healing process is the North Node in Leo in the 5th house conjunct Venus. This shows that she is progressing, evolutionary speaking, towards more self-determination and personal care. Where the Neptune/Uranus in the South Node show a lack of personal attention and care, the North Node in Leo points to the need to be chosen, to be adopted. Moreover the ruler of the North Node is the Sun, is conjunct Mercury in Virgo ?This signature reflects the soul’s desire to have a healthier life, a better grip on destiny, and a sense of control on the unfolding of life. It shows a need to make plans for the future, to establish order, to have an education, and to work hard in order to attain higher standards of living. Venus being on the North Node shows that the soul is already progressing in that direction. However Venus is retrograde, indicating that there is a requirement to deal with her past lives, and re-meet people she had had relationships with in order to close circles. The retrograde Venus also points to the need to re-evaluate her self-worth. Both Venus in Leo and the Sun in Virgo squaring Pluto show that some of the souls she will meet again are children that she herself abandoned in past lives ( the sun/Leo relate to children, and Pluto in the 8th house, to abandonment). She has the potential to break her vicious cycle completely. Moreover, the North Node is in Leo shows a possibility that the person who will help her in her healing process will be a father figure rather than a mother figure. These father types are also past life characters, because, as has been said, Venus is retrograde on the North Node.

The overall signature of the chart describes a soul that wants to have a life (North Node in Leo, relative to the Sun in Virgo) and break past life cycles of power struggles, emotional destitution, and fragmentation (sun squares Pluto/Mars/Moon- Sun quincunx the South Node). If she will indeed manage to regain that grip on her own destiny, the chart shows the potential for her to actually become a social worker, to work in an orphanage (Leo refers to children), possibly be a doctor herself (Virgo, Aquarius, Leo) improving the lives of others. Mars/Pluto in Sagittarius point to the potential for her to become a militant, a reformer, a freedom-fighter that will invest a lot of her powers to change social issues. The movement of this chart clearly shows an optimistic development due to her the intelligence and willpower. Leo on the North Node shows a desire to live and leave a legacy. Let’s pray for her she will indeed!

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