About Maurice Fernandez

I have been practicing astrology for more than twenty year with a passion to interpret planetary cycles as a way to live fulfilling and healthy lives. I was born in Africa, and moved to Israel as a teenager where I was first exposed to astrology in a professional way. It was a natural language for me and provided an incredible understanding about the nature of existence. Moving to the United States, I have developed a worldwide network as an author, teacher, counselor, and conference organizer. To provide a more spiritual experience to the study of astrology, I often combine it with the practice of Kundalini Yoga in natural settings. This holistic approach helps with the original intention to align our lives on earth with the greater cycles of the planets and all of nature. I currently reside on the Big Island of Hawaii, a place of wonders where lava flows into the ocean to create the newest earth on the planet – the only meeting of the four elements.
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