Australia – A Spiritual Journey

Astrology in the Southern Sky – Iconic Wildlife – Aboriginal Wisdom

Join us for an extraordinary adventure!

The Australian Spiritual Journey follows the BALI 2024 RETREAT . The two journeys can be combined together or joined separately. They each focus on completely different experiences.

BALI (Jan 26 to Feb 2) is a retreat style immersion in paradise island, rich with mesmerizing beauty and culture. We will study together the mysteries of Reincarnation in Astrology, and remain in one location  – SANUR BEACH – distant from the overcrowded tourist partying spots. Click on the link for all details about Bali.

AUSTRALIA (Feb 2 to 15) is a journey from West to East coast Australia, exploring the uncanny wildlife endemic to the island, Aboriginal wisdom, and Astrology immersions. Day and night, dreamtime adventures!

Travel to the Southern Hemisphere for summer time explorations and magical initiations


Are you ready for Gang-gurus, wonder Wombats, kool Koalas, emotive Emus, DidgeriDingoes, placid Platypuses?

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ITINERARY – 14 days of wonder

Perth and Western Australia (February 2 to 8)

The first segment of the journey in Western Australia will focus more exclusively on connecting with the ancestral wisdom of the Aboriginal people. From up north with the amazing landscapes of the Pinnacle desert where we will have the dark sky opportunity to view the southern sky and learn about the star lore, to the mesmerizing waters of Rottnest island, and down south the Ngilgi cave where we will learn about medicinal plants on a bush walk, and dive into dreamtime at the low hertz vibration of the didgeridoo

Victoria Venus Bay – Dragon Spirit Retreat –  and Wilson Promontory (February 8 to 13)

Landing Thursday afternoon in Melbourne airport, we take the road to Venus Bay where a 3-day  DRAGON SPIRIT ASTROLOGY event takes place over the long weekend, organized with the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. We celebrate the New Year of the Dragon in ceremony on this New Moon, as Pluto enters Aquarius for good! An opportunity to connect with the local astrology community through star knowledge, artistic activities, and immersion into nature in this beautiful retreat space in the Australian wilderness @ Raven’s Nest retreat center.

We extend a couple of more days at the Wilson Promontory nature reserve for an exquisite exploration of the local wildlife: Gang-gurus, wonder Wombats, kool Koalas, emotive Emus, and perhaps some dreamtime humans too…

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New South Wales, Kangaroo Valley and Sydney (February 13 to 15)

You may be familiar with Kangaroo Valley from the fabulous Netflix documentary, yet, beyond the gang-gurus, we shall track the most elusive wonder of nature, the egg laying, milk sweating, duck billed mammal, the PLATYPUS! The animal is so unique – a mix of reptile, mammal, bird, and beaver – scientists initially thought its existence was a hoax!

Kangaroo Valley is 2 hours outside Sydney and brings us to the best of Australian nature.

We return to Sydney on February 15 afternoon where the journey officially ends. Yet, unofficially, you are welcomed to stay a couple of extra nights to explore Sydney the beautiful. While this opportunity is at your own discretion, a hotel is suggested for the group to stay together should you decide to take those extra days. See details below.

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