Astrology Fundamentals Online course

Study Astrology with masterful teacher, Maurice Fernandez. Astrology is one of the most ancient practices, spanning over time and across all cultures in the world. As soon as people understood that night, day, and seasons were all regulated by the Sun and Moon cycles, they realized that we are part of a larger complex of cycles that affect our lives on earth, like a cosmic clock where each planet is a hand of that clock.

Learning Astrology helps you align with this universal clock – It makes your life deeper, more meaningful, and more flowing.


You can choose to start with one single segment, or go for the bundle package of three segments.

In this first segment, we explore the building blocks of astrology, the Signs, Planets, and Houses – we learn about the evolutionary meanings of each archetype, building the foundation to understand the soul journey through the signs.


Beginners Course Inclusions


  • Book: Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness Volume One by Maurice Fernandez.
  • 17 Video sessions about the Signs, Planets, and Houses, providing you with solid understanding of the building blocks.
  • Handouts with printed material to support your study.

Cost: $450

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White Lion Academy Introduction

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Or Get the Beginners’ Bundle –
3 Seminars at a Discounted Price

  • Segment A – Signs, Planets, Houses
  • Segment B – Moon and Venus Cycles
  • Segment C – Mars cycle and Aspects

Total $1000 (instead of $1250)

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Astrology Comprehensive Diploma Program

  • 13 Segments.
  • 11 Workshops.
  • On Location Retreats (optional).
  • Online Live and Self-Study
  • Certification and Diploma Qualification.
  • 2 to 3 Years Process.