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Professional Diploma Study Program in Evolutionary Astrology


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“The Course has had a
Profound effect on my life.
Maurice’s teachings reflect a high
Level of personal evolution, awareness and love.”

Zodiac-WheelCutting Edge Content – Intimate Learning Atmosphere – Transformative

This educational program provides exceptional astrological training helping you to identify the soul journey through the astrology chart: where the soul comes from into this incarnation, what the essential purposes are for this life, and how to optimally navigate the future. This is where the spiritual and the practical are integrated into meaningful and useful guidance.

The body of knowledge is vast, unique, and practical. Participants are educated in the skill of synthesis, diagnosis, and effective counselling, and are certified to offer solution-based, empowering consultations.


More than 350 hours of study Become the best astrologer you can be

10 Segments

Online videos or On-Location (when covid-19 allows)

Segment A: Astrology Fundamentals: Signs, Planets, Houses.

An essential overview of Astrology fundamentals for both beginners and advanced students. This segment will provide you with a solid foundations to understand the components of a chart, from an evolutionary point of view: History, Elements/Modes, Signs, Planets, Houses, Astronomy references.

Segment B: Moon and Venus Cycles

We explore in depth the meanings and cycle of the Moon and Venus placements in every sign/house. Chart analysis study and practice.

Segment C: Mars Cycle, and Aspects between Planets

We learn about Aspects between planets and how to interpret them, along with an in-depth study about the planet Mars in the chart.

Segment 1: PART I: The Nodal Axis and Eclipses (the axis of Evolution)

PART II: Evolutionary Levels (Identifying the Soul Age)

Eclipses and Nodal Axis of the Moon. The Nodal Axis captures the core emotional and evolutionary needs of the soul journey. It is a relatively simple equation but incomparable in its precision and depth. We will explore the classic dynamics of the Nodal Axis, as well as its particularities when planets form aspects to the axis. This segment includes a whole section on the influence of Eclipses and their relation to the Nodal Axis.

In the second part, we define the levels of the soul’s evolution and soul age to identify how the same chart can express itself differently through the various evolutionary stages. It is absolutely essential to understand these dynamics in order to accurately analyze a chart and provide effective counselling.

Segment 2: Neptune, the 12th house, Pisces (The Unifying Principle of Life)

In Segment 2, Maurice presents his revolutionary perspective of Neptune, the 12th house, & Pisces. Neptune represents the beginning and ending of all processes; thus, it contains the most primal needs and instincts along with all the clues about our existential well-being and happiness. The placement of Neptune in every house and sign will be discussed in order to understand the complexities of its influence.

Segment 3: Uranus & Pluto (The Evolution of Consciousness – Shadow Work and Self-Realization)

Uranus and Pluto are the two outer planets that instigate progress and evolution towards the self-realization.

Uranus symbolizes our highest achievement resulting from the expansion of our awareness; how that fosters intelligence and creativity and allow us to decode life’s mysteries. We will explore this fascinating archetype to understand where we play God, and actually become Gods. Uranus represents the height of civilization and its shadows!

Pluto represents the soul’s need to outgrow its own limitations, exposing the soul to its deepest vulnerabilities in order to change and heal; it represents the evolution of our emotional body – where everything is imprinted.

Segment 4: Chart Interpretation I (Practical Tools and Chart Reading Practice) – Normally on-location (Online since Covid-19)

In segment 4, we put knowledge into practice and learn to synthesize the chart elements in a cohesive and meaningful way. Practicing in person is essential to the learning experience. In this segment, each participant analyzes the chart of another class participant. With Maurice’s guidance, both counselor and counselee gain tremendous insight as the chart magically comes to life – a truly revealing and empowering experience. Usually between eight to ten charts are read, allowing participants to gain an understanding of their own chart and lives, as well as others. We discuss the Aspects between planets and planetary cycles.

Segment 5: Relationships and Sexuality in Astrology (Evolutionary Dynamics of Relationships)

In segment 5, we focus on the different dimensions of relationship dynamics. Why have two souls come together? What is the potential of a given relationship and the inclinations of the individuals involved? How do we create healthy and growth-related relationships? We explore different relationship dynamics including emotional and sexual needs and identify compatibility in the chart. The segment includes the study of synastry and composite charts to identify the dynamics, needs, and evolutionary lessons in relationships.

Segment 6: Transit, Secondary Progressions & Solar Arc (Analysis of Future Cycles) – Normally on-location (Online since Covid-19)

In segment 6 we learn to analyse future cycles and forecast. The methods we use are Transits, Solar Arc, and Secondary Progression. We review participants’ life events as examples to understand the technicalities as well as the karmic implications of the different life circumstances, to identify how certain events can be seen in the person’s chart.

Solar Arc and Secondary Progressions, are probably the most effective predictive technique.

Segment 7: Counseling Skills and Chart Interpretation II (Training in Precision and Compassion in chart analysis) – Normally on-location (Online since Covid-19)

In Segment 7, we improve our chart analysis skills, and importantly, learn to get to core chart dynamics without excessive preparation. This includes the practice of “speed readings” where participants are challenged to addresses chart analysis with progressively less preparation time.

We also address the psychology of counselling and the ways to respond to the needs of client and their different personalities, focusing on ethics, boundaries, and effective communication, to ultimately provide a deeply valuable reading for the client.

Participants are invited to do three readings with clients they have never met before. Provided that all the course requirements have been completed and that the three readings are successful, the student is then certified!

11 Workshops

Online video or audio files

Vocational Orientation in the Chart: Professional Capacity and Success

Maurice has developed a unique method to identify vocational orientation and capacity in a chart. This important subject matter will help participants provide the most effective guidance in professional domains.

Medical Astrology: Physical and Mental Health

Astrology is a powerful tool for preventive medicine—during this workshop we learn to associate astrological signatures with medical conditions and then discuss diets, treatments, and lifestyles that support health and preventive approaches.

The Ascendant: Understanding the Angles and the Ascendant

A fresh perspective that helps to understand the angles in a chart and specifically the Ascendant sign. We explore the direct correlation between the Ascendant and the sign that opens the 12th house cusp.

Retrograde Planets: Retrograde Cycles and Meanings

Unique insights into the retrograde phenomenon in a chart. Maurice provides a fresh perspective to understand retrograde cycles and meanings.

Jupiter: Truth and Dare – Live Online: January 2020

The largest planet in the Solar system is all about expansion, yet, Jupiter stands for our most important sense of meaning in life. We will review Jupiter in each house and sign.

Saturn: Time and the Karmic Wheel

We discuss the meaning of karma and the association of Saturn with the reality of time in the chart. Saturn is positioned in every house and sign to clarify these fascinating spiritual principles.

Chiron: Complete analysis of Chiron’s Influence in a Chart

Beyond doubt, Chiron has proven its powerful influence in the chart. In this workshop, we discuss the evolutionary dynamics associated with this unordinary body and position it in every house and sign.

Asteroids: Ceres, Juno, Hygeia, and more . . .

We explore Asteroids Ceres, Juno, Hygeia and Dawrf Planets: Makemake, Eris, and Haumea.

Past lives and Reincarnation in the Natal Chart

Are we reincarnating? And if so, can astrology reveal where we are coming from? An important and fascinating study to understand how astrology is a reliable tool to trace the evolution of consciousness through lives.

Locational Astrology – Astrology of Geography, how you chart is activated in different parts of the globe.

While the place of our birth remains the reference for our chart all through our life, our chart is activated differently in different parts of the globe. We learn the different systems to identify the effect of location on our development.

Night Sky, Astronomy, and Myth – Astronomy for Astrologers

Astrology is based on both astronomical references and archetypal symbolism. We explore what really makes Astrology what it is, and learn about the night sky.


Video Files

The whole program is now available online
Self-study and live meetings

  • Study in the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Save travel expenses and time away from work.
  • Material is easy to manage and use with written handouts.
  • Ask questions about the material over email or on our designated Facebook page.
  • If you do not have a strong enough internet connection, contact Maurice for options.

Practicum Sessions

  • These sessions are conducted online to practice and integrate the material together – under Maurice’s supervision.
  • 8 General Practice sessions.
  • 10 Chart Analysis sessions to prepare participants for integration and application of the material in chart readings
  • These sessions are invaluable for cultivating the masterful skills of chart analysis.

On Location Retreats

Optional on-Location Segments 4, 6, 7
Once safe travel and gatherings resume, the option to join in-person retreat studies will be available for these segments 

  • Study in person and enjoy a direct learning experience with your teacher and the group.
  • Meet your community and make like-minded friends.
  • Study in auspiciously beautiful locations, away from worldly distractions.
  • Practice Kundalini Yoga and meditation, offered optionally to retreat participants.
  • Enjoy hikes, immersion into nature, and ceremonies connecting earth with the sky.

Upcoming On-Location Segments



“You won’t lack inspiration. The settings of the “on location” segments are spectacular. And the community atmoshpere enhances all aspects of the learning process.”


Whether you intend to become a professional astrologer or want to join this program for your personal growth, the standards of the course prepare you for public service. To be certified is a rite of passage and earning your mastery is a privilege. You are carrying the torch, from the ancestors to the next generation, as part of a movement to bring astrology back, from the dark corners of ignorance and scorn, to its true light essence, enlightening humanity and life.

Requirements for the Diploma

  • Full participation in all segments and workshops
  • Successful completion of all written assignments
  • Successful performance of 4 live readings
  • Demonstration and commitment to an approach that is ethical, honest, and compassionate

Coaching for Professional Practice

Once certified, Maurice Fernandez will provide a coaching session to guide you in establishing your practice, and help you refine promotional skills, among other things.

More about the Program


L.P. (Washington)

I loved it of course! I don’t even think that I have the words describe how much I liked it. There are so many things that are meaningful to me.

I appreciate Maurice’s way of going through things—his interest and ability to go through the material again and again. I think that he does a really good job of responding to people’s questions and comments.

I have studied astrology for over 30 years and Maurice Fernandez stands out as a unique and gifted teacher.

N.R. (California)

Finding reliable teachers who have real wisdom, deep insight, robust integrity and an enduring commitment to the truth, has been a challenge.

I met Maurice and studied with him for the first time at a conference in Monterey, California. I came away feeling filled up, inspired, exhilarated! I knew after that experience that I had found a true and noble teacher.

J.T. (Massachusetts)

The Professional Training Program of the Complete Course is a holistic experience that provides a superb Astrological education. Maurice Fernandez is a deeply devoted, passionate and skilled teacher.

Through my studies with him I have gotten to know wonderful people. He attracts diverse and gifted students from all over the world. I now have many new friends. The workshops are of the highest quality. Maurice’s Socratic method engages his students in an inquiring dialogue. Typically, it is so riveting, that I feel totally compelled by the discussion for hours on end.


  • 10 segments (30+ hours of material each)
  • 11 workshops (2 to 15 hours of material each)
  • 15-20 practice sessions (2 hours each, online)
  • Books: Neptune (2018 Edition) and Astrology & the Evolution of Consciousness—Volume One
  • Shipping included of books
  • Kundalini Yoga and meditation on location segments
  • Coaching session to launch your professional practice
Method of Payment *

Payment Options

REFUND POLICY: A participant may opt out of the program after the first
segment, and receive a refund minus $450 for the first segment.
No refund beyond that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course by correspondence or do we have to attend the studies in person?2020-01-20T11:48:44-07:00

A large portion of the course is by correspondence, and some parts are ‘on location.’ This way participants can learn at their own pace by viewing the teachings on DVD or on U-tube, but also benefit from direct guidance when meeting in person. The ‘on location’ segments are mostly focused on practice and chart interpretation so that the material studied at home can be properly integrated through practice.

Segment 4, 6, and 7 are on location.

A recording of Segment 6 can be provided for people living outside the US and Canada to save on travel expenses, but it is not recommended.

There are recordings for all workshops, but you also have the choice to attend some of them on location.

What is the difference between a SEGMENT and a WORKSHOP?2020-01-12T12:45:08-07:00

A Segment is a longer and deeper study process than a workshop. Typically Segments are 6 to 7 days study courses, while workshops can be 1, 2, or 3 days study courses. Segments are recorded visually on DVD, while recordings of Workshops are audio (no visual).

What if I cannot attend one of the “on location’ Segment?2020-01-12T12:45:29-07:00

If you miss attending one of the ‘on location’ segments, you can complete it in a future cycle, it will delay your certification process, but other than that, there are no concerns.

Can I attend a Segment twice or even more, if I need to process the material again?2020-01-12T12:45:53-07:00

Yes, once you are paid for the course, you can repeat ‘on location’ Segments for a minimal tuition fee of approximately $100 (fees vary slightly). Many students choose to repeat segments because each time completely new insights are taught. Moreover, because the material is deep, some people find it very useful to process it more than one time.

How are the ‘on location’ Segments conducted?2020-01-12T12:46:26-07:00

“On location” segments are conducted over 6 or 7 days in a beautiful ‘retreat style’ location. We rent a house where participants are staying, and combine 6 hours of study a day, with daily Kundalini Yoga sessions, hikes in nature, and healthy meals. We create a sacred space, with fun, community, beautiful landscapes, and cosmic inspiration. The intention of these retreats is to understand that learning the language of astrology is more than a mental exercise, but a conscious lifestyle. Though Yoga is optional, it is recommended.

Are the ‘on location’ costs included in the costs?2020-01-12T12:57:54-07:00

The cost of the course is for tuition, and does not include accommodation, food, and transportation. However, sharing house rental, buying food together, and sharing a van usually cut costs for the whole group.

What background do I need to take the Course?2020-01-12T13:00:56-07:00

The course is accessible to both beginners and advanced students:

Beginners can start with Segments A, B, & C, and progressively move to more advanced material.

Intermediary and advanced students can dive deep into the evolutionary content of the course. Even those who already have extensive background in astrology will learn tremendously through this program because the material is unique and most of it not available in published literature. Maurice’s personal approach to teaching is bound to enhance their existing skills to the next level.

Should advanced students study Segments A, B, C?2020-01-12T12:50:25-07:00

Advanced students can benefit greatly from Segments A, B, and C even though it is more basic content. The reason is that these fundamentals are taught from the perspective of the evolution of the soul in the chart, and therefore, it will likely enrich their perspective regardless of how advanced they are.

Is there a specific starting date for the course?2020-01-12T12:57:39-07:00

Since the course begins with online and correspondence material mailed to you, you can begin any time. As soon as your registration is confirmed, the material is emailed and shipped to you.

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