Certified Astrologers

Maurice recommends these excellent astrologers who have successfully completed the full diploma program, practicums, ethical assessments, and written assignments.



Dana Bernbach

Through a 12th house portal, in the spirit of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ I serendipitously happened upon Maurice’s pioneering work “Neptune, The 12th House and Pisces.” So, influenced was I by the unique message of this writing, that I delved into the journey known as the Complete Course Certification Program. Through Maurice’s looking glass into the Evolutionary Levels of Consciousness (coupled with kundalini yoga and trips into power points on Earth), the actual multidimensional nature of astrology was internalized. This practice works with a fully alive, vibrant, and ever-expanding language.  Approaching each chart as a multi-tiered system of a soul’s intentions, experiences, as well as inherited and carried-over belief systems from past lives, introduces an octave into the reading which connects the individual with the overlighting cause for living this life.

Personally, the study and practice of astrology (a system depicting the irrevocable link between the celestial, elemental, and individuating or group souls) flows from a deep healing intention.  As a nurse and pediatric nurse practitioner for many years, I have seen the tremendous value that it introduces into the lives of those dealing with difficult physical and social circumstances. In working with clients, I often use hypnotherapy (if requested) as it not only channels the natural, healing flow of energy, but quite readily brings people of all ages into contact with the true, authentic Self.

My classes predominantly have involved teenagers as well as health care providers, but embrace all who are interested. If you would like a reading or a teaching session (group or individual), please contact me at:  danalb18@gmail.com


Website: www.AnnaThea.org

I’m an author, Evolutionary Astrologer, Divine Feminine Educator, and “The Love Card Lady” at public and private events. My book is “Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body, The Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Yourself as Sacred.”

My interest in Astrology began while studying with the Divine Feminine Institute from 2005-2007. Astrology and one’s Inner Beloved Imprint was part of the curriculum.

After many years of self-study, I began studying with Maurice and completed my diploma as an Evolutionary Astrologer. This body of work is powerful and profound. I love that I have insights into the language of the universe to inspire, educate and empower people.

As a Certified Divine Feminine Educator, my Astrology readings give you an in-depth experience that not only includes revealing your soul’s unique journey but also supports you around issues of love, relationships and intimacy. Relationships are growing machines helping us to evolve. And life is a school room where we are all learning how to love.

Using principles from my extensive studies in Evolutionary Astrology, yoga, nutrition, psychology, numerology and the Divine Feminine Institute I will educate and inspire you to fully embrace and better understand the sacred path your soul has chosen.

If you would like a reading with me, please reach out via my website.


Geoff Gronlund

I have been studying Astrology since I was 17 years old. I developed a keen interest in the metaphysical world and the mysteries of life while spending hours taking notes from old esoteric books in my hometown university library. After a lifetime of venturing down a myriad of paths, Astrology coaxed its way into my journey on a professional level. Reawakened to it by Laurie Farrington, Kaypacha and, at Kaypacha’s recommendation, Maurice Fernandez, I committed myself to a deep soul immersion in the ancient study of Astrology through Maurice’s Professional Course, Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness.

I graduated from Maurice’s course in May 2017, thus certifying me as an Evolutionary Astrologer. I am also on the board as Community Outreach Director for the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), an international Astrology organization with satellites in 12 countries.

I have two children, am an avid photographer, I travel often with my wife Angelina, and I am interested in practicing sustainable horticulture in the future.


Shannon Hayes
Website: www.ShannonHayes.net

Astrology is a very central part of my life—it is a system that provides invaluable clarity and direction in most effective ways. Initially, I became part of the volunteer staff recording the yearly NORWAC Astrology Conferences in Seattle, and enjoyed being exposed to a wide variety of cutting edge speakers.

Among the wide range of Astrology schools, Evolutionary Astrology remained my main focus because I appreciated its depth. I studied with Jeffrey Green and then Maurice Fernandez, an immensely creative Evolutionary Astrologer with whom I traveled on Spiritual Journeys in Africa, Israel, among other sacred locations. I became certified under Maurice Fernandez’s professional program and I’m very honored to offer quality astrology services to my clients.


Suzy Holbrook

My name is Suzy Holbrook. My life has been focused on finding my own method for healing the soul. Maurice Fernandez’s The Complete Course was amazing to crystalize my knowledge into a solid structure that works.

Through a synthesis of a healing partnership with clients, soul-based astrology and my experience with Functional Medicine profound healing can be realized.

Natal Astrology Chart – Your Evolutionary Purposes for this Life
Relationships Analysis
Preparation for the Next Year Cycles



I am a personal growth consultant who combines the insights of the astrological chart with shadow work to assess and empower clients to live their full potential.

Together we explore the developmental conditioning, innate talents, personality orientation, life lessons and current circumstances to lead towards healing and integration. Considering and investigating past lives, early childhood and ancestral themes, exploring relationship dynamics, and embracing emotional literacy is the awareness needed to bring light to everything in us that is unconscious, polarized, and out of balance. Only by recognizing these forces we feel empowered to live from our core as we gain clarity to our life lessons and true purpose of our being.

Visit my website for more details.


Shannon Jones
Website: www.shannonjonesastrology.com
Email: sjonesastrology@gmail.com

My name is Shannon Jones and I am a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach.

No mud, no lotus.

I was thrust into my own evolution with a pronounced bang in childhood; the premature death of my father and later my young brother, embezzlement of my inheritance, divided family relationships within which addiction prevailed and my own descent into destructive behavior and depression are all part of my story. Each and every chapter contributed as a catalyst for profound growth and a spiritual awakening in my own life.

Using my unique blend of gifts in astrology and life coaching, I will help you discover what your personal blueprint and purpose is and guide you in bringing this purpose and passion into every aspect of your life.

This is your Sacred Life Map – and the key to unlocking your limitless potential and living a life beyond your wildest imagination! Career, Degrees & Professional Certification.

It has been a joy and honor to work as an Evolutionary Life Coach for 5 years now; found and operate a weekly inter-generational, free form community ecstatic dance ritual, “Rhythm Sanctuary” in Boulder, CO for 5 years (www.rhythmsanctuary.com); lead monthly moon ceremonies for over a decade-which have been transformational for myself and the community, at large; and most recently, teach meditation classes.

Degrees/Certified in – Contemplative Psychology, Expressive Arts & Healing (BA, Naropa), Jungian Life Coach and Archetypal Psychotherapist (Archetypal Academy) and Professional Evolutionary Astrologer (Maurice Fernandez school of Evolutionary Astrology).


Website: www.astoriarising.com
Email: sharrikeller@gmail.com

My name is Sharri Keller and I am an Evolutionary Astrologer, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, and Photographer living in St. Paul, MN. I’m available for astrology consultations online or in person (St Paul), where you can receive a wide perspective on your soul journey and focused guidance on your more specific and practical questions.

A little bit more about myself, I am an active participant in various indigenous, ancestral and entheogenic ceremonies which have also sculpted my perception and connection to life in a profound way. I am passionate about regenerative health and healing, connecting authentically with earth and sky and weaving this knowledge with individuals and community. The more we know ourselves, the better we can show up in the world.

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” – Socrates


Duncan Mccollum
Email for appointments: saipan56@yahoo.com

Duncan has been a student of astrology since 2002, a practitioner since 2009, and is a graduate of The School of Astrology of the Evolution of Consciousness directed by Maurice Fernandez.

His readings are compassionate and practical, providing context for your life experiences and help in understanding and navigating your life. He specializes in natal chart interpretation and forecasting with an emphasis on healing past life patterns through a greater understanding of life areas such as vocation, relationships, and spiritual purpose. He does readings in person in Lakewood, Colorado, and by phone and Skype.


Leann Plank
Email: leannkplank@gmail.com

For as long as I can remember, I have wondered about the greater purpose underlying life and the circumstances of our lives. Although I was
interested in Eastern philosophy and meditation, it wasn’t until I was introduced to astrology that I felt I had found a way to begin understand
life. Astrology inspires me every day with its ever unfolding beauty and depth, infinitely revealing the synchronicity and interconnectivity of
life’s greater design.

In addition to astrology, I also practice and teach Kundalini yoga. It is empowering to know there is something we can do to shift our way of being through movement, breathwork, and meditation. The gong is a meaningful part of this path for me, connecting me to my natural affinity for sound and music.


Nicola Raadsmaa

Astrology for children and their families.

My passion as a counseling astrologer is to assist parents in understanding who their children are from a soul perspective; what strengths and challenges they bring into this life and how, as parents, they can best support their child to develop, grow and thrive.

For the last forty years I have worked with children and their families in a variety of different capacities from caregiver to educator, homeopath, advisor, counselor, director of programs and entrepreneur. The thread that has connected all of my varied experience is my love of children and my desire to support and encourage their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

In addition to my professional experience with families I am also a parent and know firsthand how valuable having insight into who our children are and our relationship with them can be life changing for them and for us. Astrological insights have changed my attitudes and behaviours and have altered the course of my life and the relationship that I have with my children in a profoundly positive way.

In addition to having earned certification from Maurice Fernandez’s School of Astrology of the Evolution of Consciousness I also earned a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies from JFK University and certification in acute homeopathic prescribing, hatha yoga instruction, and massage therapy.


Paetra Tauchert
Website: www.JenniferRheaume.com

Astrology in its essence is the study of life. It is a language of time, rich with variety and ripe with paradox. It is an ever humbling guide and with it I can now see through the perfected vision of hindsight how beautifully synchronistic my professional choices and interests have been.

Plagued by questions of “How” and Why” and dissatisfied with most of the answers our culture provided I sought liberation.
Through various trainings, including Thai Massage, Jivamukti Yoga, and colon hydrotherapy, I developed my own personal style of therapeutic touch and ran my own practice. It was during a very bustling time in 2014 when many life challenges unearthed themselves, that I started paying closer attention to the movement of the planets. I was stunned by the accuracy and specificity the study of planetary cycles illuminated for me. This sparked an immense curiosity and deepening of my astrological pursuits.

I graduated from the Evolutionary Astrology Diploma course with Maurice Fernandez in 2017 and must say that I feel privileged to use this body of knowledge to serve and guide people. It has already proven to be so impactful with my clients.


Website: www.Holestoheavens.com

I am an Astrologer, yes, yet I never planned on being one. It happened through a series of strange and beautifully synchronistic events–of which, I’m sure you can relate. Plants had all of my attention before Planets did. Ethnobotany, Plant Spirit Medicine, strains of Shamanism, and even a training in Medical Qi Gong all seemed to have been the essential stepping stones that lead me to where I’m at today. And where is that? I’m a full time Astrologer now: Writing and podcasting, giving readings and teaching to open minds all across the planet. It’s surreal. It’s unreal. It’s exactly the real thing I’ve always dreamed to be doing.

Richard Tarnas was my catalyst into Astrology with his mind bending book Cosmos and Psyche. Ari Moshe came next, offering me my second, yet first proper Astrology Reading. And then, with Maurice Fernandez I choose to take it to the professional level, completing his course and getting certified as a Professional in the US. I have been practicing and teaching full time for nearly a decade, giving over a thousand readings to people all over the globe. It never gets old. In fact, it never stays still. Astrology is a study of the symbolic language of God, a study that can never end. It’s an infinite fractal, a Mandelbrot set of potential energies which, I feel, weave our lives together and sometimes seemingly apart. There is nothing like it, and I’m forever grateful–honored even–that I get to offer to you, to the world, what I have gathered so far.


Website: hannatanajura.com
Email: hctanajura@gmail.com

I’m Hanna and I’m an astrologer based in the US, but born and raised on the northeast coast of Brasil. I like to think of myself as curious, fascinated by ancient knowledge, multiculturalism and the arts.

“As within, so without, as above, so below, as the universe, so the Soul” encapsulates the essence of evolutionary astrology, a field that I’m deeply passionate about. My mission is to translate this sacred wisdom of the Cosmos into tangible and useful everyday applications.

I believe that my soul’s consciousness wants to make a meaningful emotional contribution in the world, so one of my greatest joys is creating deep emotional connections with people and guiding them towards connecting with their soul’s journey and aligning with their highest potential.

If you’d like to know more about my work, please visit my website. I offer consultations in English, Portuguese & Spanish.


Paetra Tauchert
Website: www.paetratauchertastrology.com

In these beautiful and intense times, Astrology is, as it has always been, a wonderful guide in understanding the nature of our own soul.

In its deeper application, Astrology is a symbolic language that helps us figure out where we’ve come from, where we’re heading, and what we’ve come here to do. It helps us to know what cycles we are currently working on, and what cycles are working on us.

There is always an important message, that if understood and applied, can make life deeper, richer and more navigable. Learning and remembering Astrology have always felt synonymous, and for many years my classroom was simply life and observation, and in many ways, it still is.

In addition to star studies, I am a garden designer and a botanical artist. I live in Northern California with my sweet little family. I love this sacred work and feel honored to hold the lantern for others, and their own beauty, mysteries and conundrums. I have been a student of Astrology for over 25 years and in 2017 was certified as an Evolutionary Astrologer by Maurice Fernandez.


Judy Tsafrir
Website: www.JudyTsafrirMD.com

I am a holistic adult and child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, astrologer and tarot reader in private practice in Newton, MA. My intention is to facilitate healing through the integration of the body, mind, heart and spirit. Please go to my website to learn more about me and my practice.



Gizem Çolakoğlu Baday
Email: gizemastroloji@yahoo.com
Instagram: gizemastroloji
Facebook: www.facebook.com/gizemastroloji
Website: www.gizemastroloji.com (March 2023)
Services: Natal chart analysis from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective, Detailed yearly/monthly predictions, Relationships and Synastry, Horary (Astrology for questions), Electional Astrology (selecting auspicious dates for event), Reincarnational chart analysis (past & future lives), Analysis of guide animals, angels and stones for past & present & future lives.

My interest in astrology, metaphysics, philosophy and psychology started from a very young age with the books and manuscript notes of my deceased father, who was an astrologer. I began practicing astrology in 2010, and in graduated from a 3 year Classical Astrology diploma program from Öner Döşer’s AstroArt School (2019) – including Horary, Mundane and Elective Astrology specialization certificates.

Additional expertise and qualifications:

  • Hermetic and Reincarnation Astrology with Aleksandar Imsiragic.
  • Energy Measurement and Balancing through Sacred Geometry (Switzerland).
  • Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers with Gemini Brett

In 2022, I graduated from the Comprehensive Evolutionary Astrology Diploma Program with Maurice Fernandez which contributed an invaluable effect on both my life and my consultancies.

My articles have been published in Posta Newspaper weekend supplement of AstroArt Astrology School and I presented webinar in ISAR Star Club. I am a member of OPA and ISAR.

I have ISAR Cap title and provide consultancy focused on the spiritual evolution of the person by blending my studies with my background knowledge.

Additional degree and work experience: International Relations major, digital marketing, and luxury retail.


Heidi VD
Email: heidi-in-sa@webmail.co.za

I am a part-time evolutionary astrology who wishes to help people broaden their perspectives and find new understanding in life and events. In particular I like to unlock patterns of thought which have influenced our behaviour over many lives. Insight into our scripts helps us modify out sense of pain and feeling stuck, resulting in contentedness with where we are in life and what we have chosen to learn now. I have been mentored by modern astrologer Cynthia Thorburn of South Africa (2002, 2014) and more recently by evolutionary astrologer Maurice Fernandez of the United States of America (2013-2016).


Gali Sat Puran Livneh
Email: healingstar11@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/astrologyandkundaliniyoga

ISAR.CAP, Gali is a full time practicing Evolutionary astrology counselor and teacher. Her main practice involves finding the path to healing and the evolution of consciousness through the birth Chart. Gali is the editor of an Israeli Astrology magazine; she organizes conferences in Israel and lectures internationally. She is ISAR’s VP in Israel and also teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


Lutia Lausane
Email: lutialausane@sympatico.ca

I have come to this level of personal analysis through several routes. First, as a crea-tor/performer of a children’s television series where I explored world myths through the wonder of those who turned their eyes to the sky. This was an exploration of both astronomy, astrology and personal storytelling. The question? Am I related to the cosmos in a meaningful way? This is where I would begin with a personal natal chart

Second, I explored world religions, my own being based loosley in Western Christianity but very curious about Eastern practices as well such as understandings brought back by Theosophists and Anthroposifists. The chart best for me here isa progressed chart—according to your age, how have the planets and luminaries moved? Transits are important at this point.

Third, iin the practice of Kundalini Yoga, I learned the grounded value of these essoteric systems of thought. I look here for interactive discussion to see where you are living your chart at this time. For this I like to use a Solar Arc chart—what does this year have in store for you?

And finally, delving into the work of Maurice Fernandez, I found a way of pulling these together, reuniting the severed strings of astronomy, astrology and psychology. So when I do a natal chart reading initially I focus on you in this time and space, your unique place in this world.

My readings take around one to one and a half hours and I like to get some sense of why you are seeking out an astrologer at this time of your life: what might be your most important ques-tion for me to address?

I like to work in person, but can also work with you by phone or skype. You will receive a record-ing of our conversation and a copy of your charts. In my experience, people like to return for a second or third reading after a year. This material takes time to digest. I look forward to spending time with you and with your chart soon.


Email: therapeuticastrologer.com

Mannah is a Therapeutic Astrologer, passionate about providing healing and divination. Based in Copenhagen, she serves an international clientele online. Therapeutic Astrology as developed by Mannah is a holistic system of evolutionary astrology to find the deeper soul story, including relational therapy to transform identity and spiritual exercises to move energy and increase vitality.


Website: www.janineopheim.com
Email: janineopheim@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/janineopheimastrologer
Instagram: instagram.com/janineopheimastrologer
Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCTE5AmhfBY93i61j1PiV65g

I am deeply committed and passionate about bringing clients an understanding of their soul path and journey. Helping them to understand their evolutionary purpose. I want to inspire clients with perspective on their questions and give them empowering guidance for their next steps so they can live their best lives!

I’m also an animal communicator and work with the charts of client’s companion animals as well as the connection between spirit animals and their charts.

I grew up in Australia and have lived in Norway since 2006. I am also an energy healer and Kundalini yoga teacher.


Website: www.RichelleSteyn.com
YouTube: Living & Exploring Astrology Channel
Twitter: twitter.com/roshbon
Facebook: facebook.com/richellesteynastrologer
Services: Online Astrology Readings and Consultations

I am a certified Evolutionary Astrologer living and practising Astrology in Cape Town South Africa. I am a member of the Organisation for Professional Astrologers (OPA) and Cape Astrology Association (CAA). My big love, after my two fur-babies Ben and Bella, is nature and the great outdoors. My most memorable experiences are climbing the active volcano Villarrica (Chile, 2000) and walking to the ends of the earth (Camino de Santiago and Finisterre, Spain, 2004). Completed the legendary Storyteller in the Community course, run by the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College. Inspired by this course, I crafted and then facilitated a weekend workshop for women, centred around the myth Silver Hands and the evolution of consciousness called Journey into the Underground Forest. I have a post graduate degree in Psychology and a post graduate diploma in Community Psychological Practice both from the University of Johannesburg.

Looking forward to the coaching session!



Email: marietta.m.vanderwerff@gmail.com

Astrology found me in 2015, during a spiritual journey with Linda Tucker and Maurice Fernandez to the White Lions of the Timbavati and the Black Lions of the Kalahari in South Africa. Throughout our travels Maurice provided insight into the astrological alignments backlighting this journey of initiation into the ancient wisdom of Africa brought through the Lions, the Bushmen of the Kalahari, U-Baba Credo Mutwa, and nature herself, including the Stars. The magic and mystery connecting Sky and Earth became so visible, so real, and I was captivated.

Much later, upon discovering that Sun/Jupiter was transiting my natal Uranus and Uranus was transiting my natal Jupiter at that time, I came to understand how and why I had found both my teacher and my calling to delve deeper into ancient Star Knowledge.

I started studying with Maurice soon after, and my studies have been a journey of remembrance, a true soul journey. Today, it is this aspect of Evolutionary Astrology that has my greatest interest and passion – understanding the soul journey described in our charts, the journey that takes us beyond this lifetime, from the past through the present into the future. Understanding the bigger picture of why we are here, why our lives shape up as they are, what is the meaning of our specific life circumstances, our talents and stumbling blocks, our traps and our victories.

My approach to reading practice involves a journey of discovery, affirmation, confirmation and of coming to a deeper understanding of their lives and choices. Reaching that point of understanding typically brings a sense of peace and acceptance, hope and courage, and a deeper sense of Self.

I practice astrology part-time alongside a variety of other activities; I do most of my readings online, and work across continents and time zones. At some stage I hope to have time to maintain an astrology blog and offer beginner-level teaching.


Email: kaironconsciousness@gmail.com
Website: www.pedagogyofthesoul.com/contact

I am a passionate human being who trust by living in the efforts of expressing the highest potential of my true nature, I am delivering the most sacred service to Life. With this aspiration, I dedicate my service as an Evolutionary Astrologer wholeheartedly to inspire and guide my clients to their own unique Soul’s Journey.

I graduated with Interdisciplinary studies in Contemplative Psychology, Environmental Studies and Religious Studies from Naropa University, Colorado. I am a Nature-Connected Life Coach trained under Earth-Based Institute in Colorado. I am also an avid Buddhist practitioner who continues to deepen the wisdom of Buddhism under the instructions of Fa In Temple in Taiwan. Besides that, I am also a LionHearted Leadership practitioner, trained under the White Lion Academy which aims to integrates the laws of nature to heart. All these disciplines are assimilated into my studies in Evolutionary Astrology under the tutelage of Maurice Fernandez.

Completing the picture, I am a dancer, a movement-enthusiast and a somatic practitioner that integrates spiritual practices into physical being. With that, my astrological service holds a framework of uniting Sky Knowledge of Astrology and Earth Wisdom of the Body and Nature to create the evolutionary growth my clients are looking for.


(Angie is no longer on this plane, but continues to inspire us from the stars)

Are you seeking to access your higher-self genius to align to meaningful abundance and connection? Are you willing to peel back the veils to reveal layers of your past life talents and challenging patterns? Are you eager to Connect the Dots to a Thriving You?

Journey with Angela Blissbridge: Evolutionary Astrologer, Artist and Healing-Facilitator as she weaves your story through deep astrological wisdom and intuition; her scientific and artistic mind illuminates patterns of your soul path to access your genius. She has extensively studied the works of Jeffrey Wolf Green, Melanie Reinhart and Tom Lescher (Kaypacha). Her astrology passion deepened to a professional and research level under the tutelage of Maurice Fernandez. She has a B.A. in Biology, M.S. in Ecology, and a CPA. Angela’s artwork sells in Northern Arizona galleries.


Charmaine Frost (Santa Fe, NM) Email: frost7967@gmail.com

Arthur Kuper (Boulder, CO) Email: arthurkuper@gmail.com

Loni Diacono (Kihei, Maui) Email: ldiacono@foothill.net

Kathryn Zumstein (Maine) Email: earthskyastrology@gmail.com

Joyce Nelms (Fairfield, IA) Email: joycenelms@gmail.com

Aylin Bekem (Izmir, Turkey): Email: aylin_yapici@hotmail.com

Linda Kollati (UK) Email: lindakollati@yahoo.com

Karianne Stenshagen (Oslo, Norway) Website: KarianneStenshagen.com

Birger Tornes (Sandnes, Norway) Email: arbito@online.no

Kate Rusko (Montreal, CAN) Email: katerusko@videotron.ca

Rowena Logie (Scotland) Email: rowena48@hotmail.com

Innessa Wuzyk (Johannesburg, South Africa) Email: innessawuzyk@gmail.com