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Here is a selection of books I have published along with books and movies I recommend which have inspired my body of knowledge. The list includes titles  about Astrology and then other titles are about the spiritual essence of consciousness in nature.

Some of the titles are collaborative projects to which I have contributed chapters.


Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces

A groundbreaking body of knowledge on the evolutionary dynamics of Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces in the chart. Included are descriptions of Neptune in each house and sign, planets in the 12th house and in Pisces. Included also the Nodes in aspect to Neptune.

The second edition published in 2018

Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness Volume 1

Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness — Volume One

This book is both for beginners and advanced astrology students. It is essential to anyone who is inspired by Evolutionary Astrology.
The content includes a deep analysis of Moon and Sun positions in the chart, along with detailed description of evolutionary levels of consciousness and an overview of chart foundations from an evolutionary perspective.

The Professional Astrologer

The Professional Astrologer – Compiled by OPA

What does it take to become a successful Astrologer?
This volume gathers the experience and guidance of some of the world’s most successful astrologers (including Maurice Fernandez), who discuss the dos and don’ts, potential pitfalls and rewards, and critical building blocks of a successful and fulfilling practice.

Transpersonal Astrology

Transpersonal Astrology – Compiled by Armand Diaz

A selection of chapters offering a spiritual perspective on astrology.

Maurice Fernandez Chapter: The Death Chart. In this chapter, Maurice explores the evolutionary importance of the time of Death. What we can learn from the moment a soul transitions to its next process. Understanding the death chart provides tremendous insight into our current lives.

The New Generation

New Generation  – Compiled by Frank Clifford

A selection of 14 chapters from a new generation of astrologers.

Maurice Fernandez Chapter: A Spiritual Perspective on Mental Health in the Chart. The authors represent diverse areas of interest from Mundane, to Spiritual and Evolutionary Journeys, Modern and Traditional Tools, and Psychological Astrology.

Maurice Fernandez’s chapter has a provocative theme that may be interesting for readers to experiment with. Mary Plumb

Astrology of Transformation

The Astrology of Transformation – By Dane Rudhyar

Any book by Dane Rudhyar is highly recommended. His extraordinary understanding of natural cycle and spiritual practices elevates astrology to a whole other sphere or understanding. In this volume he describes the different evolutionary levels of consciousness, which have served as a foundation for Evolutionary Astrology. It describes how the same chart can be expressed in different levels.

Mystery of the White Lions

Mystery of the White Lions – by Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker’s exceptional account of her journey into lion shamanism, under the guidance of her teachers Credo Mutwa and Maria Khosa.

The book describes the depth of animal consciousness and their role on the planet, and as such, she is revisiting the meanings of sacred sites in Egypt, South Africa, and along the Meridian of First Time.

Saving the White Lions

Saving the White Lions – by Linda Tucker

Linda Tucker’s extraordinary story, being saved from certain death as her group was surrounded by a pride of lions. This true story takes us through the dark corridors of animal trafficking and the understanding of animal consciousness.

She explains her unexpected circumstances with the rare white lions, and her promise to return them to their homeland of Timbavati.

The Elephant Whisperer

The Elephant Whisperer – by Lawrence Anthony

The true story of Laurence Anthony who had to save a herd or rogue elephants from certain elimination. A rare account into the consciousness of the pachyderms and reveal fascinating insights into the world of other species. Following his death, the herd of elephants travelled for two days to his residence to mourn and say their goodbyes.

Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear – by Charles Russell

A true story by Canadian Charles Russell, who initially spent years rehabilitating grizzly bears in Kamchatka (Russia) and established rare inter-species bonds with them.

In this book, he details his first account with the Spirit Bears—an extremely rare sub-species of brown bear with white fur who only live on an island in British Columbia.

Zulu Shaman

Zulu Shaman – By Credo Mutwa

A rare exploration into the lore of African indigenous tribes. These are otherwise oral teachings passed on from generations to generations.

Credo Mutwa is one of the foremost sangomas (priests) of South Africa who choose at great risks to break the oral code of secrecy and share this knowledge with the rest of the world.

Little Buddha

Movie: Little Buddha – by Bernardo Bertolucci

An incredible cinematographic production that takes us into the life of Buddha in parallel to an account of reincarnation within modern times.

Tibetan Buddhist monks from a monastery in Bhutan, are searching for a child who is the rebirth of a great Buddhist teacher, Lama Dorje Lama Norbu.  With Keanu Reeves, Briget Fonda, and Chris Isaac.

I Heart Huckabees

Movie: I Heart Huckabee – by David Russel

A truly unique comedy that covers great spiritual depths.

Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin are existential detectives who you could hire to investigate the meaning of your life. They are formal, they wear suits, they are Paris-trained and their clients include Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Jason Schwartzman and Mark Wahlberg. Their ostensible nemesis is Isabelle Huppert. Hilarity ensues

La Belle Verte

Movie: La Belle Verte – by Colin Serreau

Visitors from a utopian planet travel to earth and manage to alter the fundamental dynamics of a dysfunctional family. This incredible French comedy takes us into deeper understandings about the ways we manage our existence and the details we take so easily for granted.

An absolute gem. With Vincent Lindon and Marion Cotillard.

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Movie: Meeting with Remarkable Men – by Peter Brook

The life story of spiritual master GI. Gurdjieff, beginning in his childhood in the Caucasus, through Egypt and Mongolia, and his initiation into the mysteriousSarmoung Brotherhood.

The film provides some glimpses of the Gurdjieff teachings into sacred movements. Gurdjieff was an influential in the early to mid-20th century and taught about the Work and the fourth way.

The Horse Boy
Movie: Horseboy – by Rupert Isaacson

The story of a young family whose first child, Rowan, is diagnosed with severe autism. After discovering his condition improves by contact with horses and other animals, the family leave their home in Texas on an arduous journey to seek help from the traditional shamans in Mongolia in an attempt to treat the boy’s condition with shamanic healing.