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Mexico Astrology Retreat
Xixim Paradise Resort and Uxmal Pyramids

January 29 to February 5, 2019

Three leading and world acclaimed astrologers will be leading an extraordinary event in a paradise resort of Xixim, Mexico

Maurice Fernandez – Evolutionary Astrologer

Gemini Brett – Shamanic Astrologer

Oner Doser – Traditional Astrologer

With Special Guests: Ursula Stockder and Nadiya Shah

Astrology – Yoga – Astronomy – Ceremony – Beach – Community – Uxmal Pyramid

Under the auspicious alignment of Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon in Sagittarius,
We come together to share star knowledge and reconnect with the ancestral wisdom of the Mayan.
Join this astrology retreat, open your spiritual channel, and spend an amazing time with a unified community.

Included in the Program:

  • In-depth Astrology classes – 3 hour immersion per topic
  • Sunrise and sunset transformative and rejuvenating Kundalini Yoga sessions
  • Night-sky guidance, tracking the star map for a direct connection with the cosmos
  • Relaxation, beach time, and community exchange away from winter woes!
  • Ceremonies to honor planetary alignments, including an alignment of the three brightest lights: Jupiter/Venus/Moon
  • Visit of the Uxmal Pyramid, under the ceremonial guidance of Mayan Shaman.

Astrology Presentations

(2 to 3 hour sessions)


Find out more about Gemini

  • Reflections on Soul * a Journey to the Moon

In this illuminating presentation, StarryTeller Gemini Brett will reveal mysteries of Sacred Geometry and explore the Emerald Tablets of Hermes to express why Moon holds the codes of so much more than our emotional needs or instincts alone. We will then journey beyond our astrological understanding of Moon by Sign, House, Aspect, and Phase by visiting Lunar Latitude, Declination, Distance, and Speed to clearly see how every Native’s Moon is absolutely unique. We will arrive to a deep crater of contemplation where the ancient philosophy known as the Translation of Light will teach us to hear new harmonics of the Soul’s sacred song.

  • The Archetypal Ascent of the Global Guiddess * Exploring Venus Overtone, Phase, and State

Let us celebrate and explore our retreat’s blessing by a triple conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Sagittarius! Learn why the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School sees this as a month for clearing our throat chakras in devotion to the return of the Divine Feminine and relates it to Inanna’s release of her lapis lazuli necklace in the great story of the Goddess’ descent into the Underworld. Were your born with Venus as Morning Star or Evening Star? Which chakra was She clearing or reclaiming or was She devoted to transformation in the invisible realms and, if so, which? What is the archetype of your Venus birth cycle? What is they current state of this synod and when will it next return? Most importantly, what does this all mean and and how can you use the Venus Synodic information to expand your healing, feeling, knowing, and growing?

Find out more about Oner

  • Your Guardian Angel
    One of the different techniques of the Medieval Astrology is to determine and to interpret the personal spiritual entity, which is the Guardian Angel or Almuten Figuris with its astrological definition. Indicating the native’s connection with the spiritual world and the conditions which characterize nature of his Guardian Angel, Almuten Figuris signifies his path which leads to spiritual evolution. Öner Döşer will teach how to calculate and find Almuten Figuris in a chart and make some practices on some of the participants’ charts.
  • Relationships in Astrology
    Synastry is a powerful technique to analyze relationship dynamics and compatibility between two people. We can deduct the strong parts and vulnerabilities and better understand what the relationship is about.
    In this workshop Öner Döşer, who co-wrote a book on Relationships (Turkish), will use the chart of participants to illustrate the content of his teachings.


  • Spiritual Development in your Chart
    Many of us seek spiritual answers to our existential questions: why are we here, and what is our greater calling? But what does our personal charts reveal about our spiritual purpose and path for self-realization.
  • The Love Forces – Venus, Sun, and Neptune
    The meaning of life is centered in the force of Love – it heals all and frees the soul from bondage. Yet there are distinct expressions and meanings to the force of Love, each captured by the planets Venus, the Sun, and Neptune. Maurice will describe these three essential layers, each of which has its own healing frequency, spiritual test, and enlightenment code.

With Special Guests Speakers:

Ursula Stockder and Nadiya Shah


Find out more about Ursula
The Night: Symbols of our Dreamworld

What the dreamworld does in our psyche and how to relate it to the zodiac. We will discuss the symbolism of the different archetypes that pop out during our meditations or in our dreams and how they manifest in our unconscious mind and charts. There is great importance in knowing the meaning and myths of the different archetypes and how to take advantage of the signals the universe are sending for our broader understanding through our charts, dreams and meditations.

The difference between Jung’s, Freud’s and the astrological interpretation of dreams and how to get more in touch with our unconscious mind and be more aware of your day to day life.

This session will involve an experiential focus as we will use painting to understand those symbols.


Find out more about Nadiya

Past Lives and Spiritual Lessons of The North Node.  

The Nodes of the Moon are considered part of the Karmic intent of the Moon and the Soul for this lifetime. They provide a powerful symbol for where you have been, and how to best align yourself with a higher, more loving vision for your life. This class will explore what the Nodes of the Moon indicate in an astrology chart, including past life archetypes and roles you might have had. We will uncover how to best use the direction the soul wishes to travel.

This 90 min interactive and fun lecture, will be followed by a 1 hour guided Meditation, so you can get in contact with what it is your soul wants to say to you about where you have been, and where you are ready to go next.

Uxmal Pyramids – Ceremonial Honoring


  • Retreat including 7 nights and 3 meals a day (double room) + local transport:
    – $1600 by December 15/ $1800 after December 15


SINGLE ROOMS ARE SOLD OUT – You can be on a waiting list in case a cancellation is made.

Important Notes:
– Included Local bus transportation:

  • Merida airport to Xixim resort
  • Xixim to Uxmal Pyramids
  • Uxmal to Merida airport.

– All meals included except for Uxmal Pyramid (Feb 4)

Cancellation fee: $75 by December 15 / $150 by January 5 / No refund after January 5, 2019.

Flights instructions:

    • Final airport destination: Merida Airport
    • Arrive to Mexico City first, and from there take the roundtrip flight to Merida
    • Flight departure from Mexico City to Merida are (Jan 29) 11:10am (flight Interjet 2520) or 4:35pm (flight Interjet 2524) – You must land in Mexico city at least 3 hours prior to your depature to Merida.
    • Return flight from Merida to Mexico City (Feb 5) lands at 1:05pm (flight Interjet 2527) or 3:50pm (flight Interjet 2521). Allow 3 hours from arrival to Mexico City to your next flight home.

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