Astrology of Relationships

Compatibility – Emotional Needs – Sexuality in the chart

Online immersion study – 40 hours of material

Astrology of Relationships is a rich program that delves into the depth of the psyche and soul purposes, exploring the intricacies of emotions and the mysteries of attraction through the natal chart. I intend in this program to go as deep as possible and provide participants with solid tools, to understand themselves, and to be able to guide their clients who need clarity in this area of their lives.

15 sessions, including extensive handouts: 40 hours of material

  • Relationship types
  • Sexuality in the chart
  • Compatibility and addressing potential conflicts through the chart
  • Identifying past life connections and Karmic lessons
  • Synastry and Composite charts
  • … and much more!


“Today I finished to listen to session 15 of the relationship course. It was rich, rich, rich. I felt I learnt so much , not only in the relationship department but astrology as a whole. I loved your détective mind and the general approach who makes completely sense to me. I also was never bored. It was always extremely interesting. So much to learn that I wonder what will be my next course with you. It gave me stamina for more. If I felt empowered, I also was left with a lot of humility in front of this beautiful higher knowledge which seems to have no end. Feeling very grateful for your help and blessed that this course came my way.” C.D

Cost: $450 for 15 sessions (150 min each)
Pay in two installments if needed (contact Maurice for details)

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