Mentorship to Enhance your Professional Astrology Practice

Maurice has more than 30 years of experience as a professional practitioner to share with you, and has
served the astrology community for more than 12 years through the Organization for Professional Astrology, providing him with a clear perspective on the development of astrology as a profession.

More than ever before, we live in an auspicious time to make a full time living as
professional astrologers, and yet, many practitioners struggle to sustain themselves. Let’s help you enhance your practice!

Some of the Items We Will Focus On

  • Make your Website Work for You
  • Improve your Branding
  • Provide Effective Service
  • Enter the Public Speaking Circuit
  • And much more . . .

We will discuss where you are at and the practical steps to further develop your practice.

Single session for general guidance

Price $240 for up to 60 min. $330 for up to 120 min.

5 session package for enhanced process

$1050 (60-70 min sessions)

  • Social Media and Website Guidance
  • Professional Guidance based on your Natal Chart
  • Professional Development Strategy Tailored to your Context
  • Anything you would need Help for