Finding Auspicious Dates for an Event

Finding the right date for an event tremendously increases the chances for positive development and outcome.
You increase the blessings and universal support when finding the date that best fits your chart.

Possible Events to Find Dates For

  • Your wedding
  • Your new business
  • A medical intervention
  • A C-section
  • A move to a new city or country
  • Any relevant event in your life

Here are testimonials from people who have used this service:

“Maurice when you advised me to have major surgery on my elbow on a certain date in
2008 I had a great outcome. The Dr wanted to do it the week before & when I told him you advised me to have it done the
following week he laughed & laughed “a psychic!” The
Dr said arm would only be 50% functional too. It is 90%. Thank you Maurice & thank my
friend Mary for the gift of the reading. Any future major decisions I would definitely consult Maurice” ~ Paula B. (Florida)

“”You sure have helped me with the timing of many things, and especially the cancer surgery in January.
I healed so fast, it was crazy. Thanks for the astro-wisdom about medical procedures!” ~ Lisa S. (Colorado)

1. Pay for your Session

The Cost is $210 for a session

2. Set an appointment

Email Maurice to describe the nature of the event you wish to find a date for.
Provide the time range the event needs to occur and its location
Email your birth information.


Finding astrological dates considered auspicious for events or procedures does not guarantee the success or desired outcome for the procedure or event. The(se) date(s) are offered as a suggestion and it is at the client’s own discretion whether they wish to use them or not. You agree not to hold Maurice Fernandez accountable and or liable for any problem or cost that may arise from the related event you are asking the service for. These auspicious dates serve as a greater support for the desired event, but do not serve as a guarantee for anything. Numerous mitigating factors beyond the control and scope of the astrologer may affect the results.