An astrology consultation with Maurice will provide you with a unique perspective on your life, your soul journey

Astrology-Consultations-FeatureDuring the evolutionary astrology reading, we will explore both the big picture, the existential questions, and address the most practical concerns: why you are here, what are your authentic gifts, what are the next steps.


  • Your soul’s evolutionary purposes and life lessons.
  • Where is your soul coming from, (exploring past life themes), how this may flavor current circumstances. What are the next steps in your soul’s evolution.
  • Relationships (romantic, familial, business).
  • Vocation and employment.
  • An overview about your children and helping bring the best from them.
  • Health and wellness – Astrological suggestions for physical and mental
  • Location – how are different places in the world working for you.
  • Overview of the coming year, help with your decisions, getting insights into the next phase of your life.
  • Specific auspicious dates to events, moves, marriages, contracts, etc . . .

“As both an astrology practitioner and an astrology student, I have always made it my practice to seek new teachers, and, periodically, explore my chart with different astrologers. Today, I had a reading from the incomparable Maurice Fernandez. It was deep, it was insightful, it was compassionate, and it cut right to the heart of many issues that, despite years of deep introspecting, had yet to be illuminated. Thanks to today’s reading I feel renewed and reinvigorated about what is to come.
Thank you Maurice!” ~ Patty

A private astrology consultation is appropriate anytime you need clarity and direction in your life.

Book a Private Astrology Reading, ask Maurice to Find Auspicious Times for weddings, surgeries, contracts or any new beginning, or receive Coaching to Enhance Your Professional Astrology Practice.

Session Information

  • There’s a need in advance for the birth date, time, and place. You can usually find your birth time in the hospital you were born, sometimes through a birth certificate, or your parent’s memory. It is very advisable to have at least a 15 minutes range accuracy.
    Please add this info in the shopping cart when booking a reading.
  • The counseling sessions are usually conducted over the internet (Zoom) from Arizona in the USA.
  • A session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. The conversation is digitally recorded on my side (however, this is not a guaranteed service as Maurice will not be responsible for technical problems emerging on rare occasions. Please take precautions on your side).
  • Astrology readings by Maurice Fernandez rely on his interpretation of the client’s astrology chart, based on the given birth day, time and place. These interpretations must be considered as suggestions and possibilities; the client is invited to reflect upon the interpretations and assess if they are worthy of being taken into consideration and implemented or not. The client should also know that the astrology chart reflect a potential, but does not offer a guarantee for that potential.

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Tom Lescher

As you teach from the level of consciousness that you have achieved, the quality and depth of Maurice’s teachings reflect a high level of personal evolution, awareness, love, and devotion to the evolutionary process of others.

Arthur Tornes

I feel that the course in full and my work with Maurice has encouraged the development of profound inner changes in me and have infused me with inspiration and taken my life to another level of consciousness.

Janine Opheim

I absolutely LOVE this!!! I needed this SO much, I had no idea just how much… Thank you

Yael Pomeranz

I’ve been listening for 28 mins. and I’m taking a short break. I must say this aloud: I’ve *never* in my life heard someone talking so clearly and accurately and sharply about the deepest human emotions and this most obscure domain of human mentality as Maurice does, making the whole embroidery so obvious and lucid. I am short of words and completely and utterly stunned and most deeply grateful.