An Evolutionary Perspective on the ASCENDANT, a Continuation to the 12th House

Maurice explores the meanings and applications of the Ascendant and how it is immediately connected to the sign in the 12th House.

Maurice will also explore the other angles: The Descendant, the MC and IC in this context.

  • The Ascendant line divides the 12th an 1st House, representing a point of birth, a new cycle.
  • Planets rise into the 12th House, clockwise, but progress counter-clockwise from 12H to 1H.
  • How the 12H describe past life dynamics coming to a close in this incarnation.
  • How to interpret those past life dynamics and how does that manifest in the present.
  • How to interpret intercepted signs in those houses.
  • and much more…

Maurice will apply each sign on the 12th House and Ascendant, and use examples to illustrate these dynamics.

3 sessions 6+ hours Online material – Recordings now available.

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