Astrology is growing into a beautiful and multifaceted entity. Today, it is more refined and diversified than ever before. The revival that started at the beginning of the 20th century has stimulated research and development in ways that cannot be compared with previous times in history. The field of astrology is now wide, rich and complex; it encompasses forecasting, divination (horary), psychological evaluation and coaching, medical evaluation, analysis of mundane trends, as well as spiritual development and self-realization. Astrology reflects life in all its forms and as the individual opens up to new dimensions of being, these new insights are integrated within the field of astrology as well. There is much more to excavate and learn about it, but already today, many approaches and techniques make it a valuable tool for understanding existence and orienting efforts. The various approaches have all proven the relevance of their foundations in the course of time and experience: the Vedic, Traditional (Medieval, Hellenistic, Babylonian, etc?, Galactic, and so called Modern (Psychological, Karmic and Evolutionary). The diversity therein is akin to life itself: a source of fascination and conflict. Religious wars exist inside the field of astrology because our critical mind wants to discriminate what works from what doesn’t in order to find truth and reliability. A common problem, however, is that many assumptions are made based on prejudice and self-righteousness; as in every other field, there are ideological and political disagreements.

A Powerful Tale of Survival

Birth Data

September 2, 1999 | 9:00 p.m. | Banjul, Gambia


Baby girl found in a garbage dump soon after her birth in the city of Banjul in Gambia, Africa. It was a rainy evening when someone heard crying, found her, and brought her to the hospital. She was found to be perfectly healthy. The person who brought her in intended to adopt her, but there is no information if he actually did or if she was brought to an orphanage.

Baby Gambia

The millennium on the threshold announces the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius * The good news: cooperation and interdependence between nations and states will prevent wars * The bad news: there will be natural disasters on a large scale, and intoxication with power will bring humankind to self-destruction * And there is a tranquilizer to boot: no need to panic just yet; each age lasts approximately two thousand years.

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