2022 Astrological Overview – January to August

Jupiter/Neptune conjunction / Nodes in Scorpio-Taurus / Uranus North Node

Powerful alignments are ahead of us for the year 2022. This includes the 13-year Jupiter/Neptune cycle which, this time, resets in the sign of
Pisces—the sign ruled by both the planets. In the backdrop, the Nodal Axis (18 month-cycle in a sign) retrogrades from the Gemini/Sagittarius axis to the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Uranus and Mars join the North Node late July for an eventful alignment that promises breakthroughs.

Originally published in the December 2021 Solstice edition of the Career Astrologer magazine
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Perhaps before we dive into the meanings and interpretation of these new cycles, we can explore the context of our times–the recent years and the more general trends that have affected culture to our present time.

From a big picture perspective, the past 2000 years have been under the influence of the Pisces Age. One of the outcomes of this age is a global culture where spirit and matter have been separated from each other. The sign of Pisces represents the need for transcendence and higher meaning, often at the expense of material practicalities. This can go as far as a yearning for dis-incarnation, as an effort to regain our spirit. The split between spirit and matter has been prevalent in almost every spiritual tradition across the planet. For example, we see that people who chose to dedicate their life to spirit, the monks and nuns, sannyasis, or bhikkhunis, are all instructed to relinquish material attachments and sensory gratification if they are to raise their spiritual vibration. The promise for the kingdom of heaven, the state of Nirvana, or other forms of spiritual realization seem to favor a state where the material and the sensual must be abandoned.

In our lives this can translate into two realities; the one where materialism is deprived of spirit, and the other where spirituality dissociates from material necessities. Physical needs, possessions, money, sexuality, pleasure, and the care of our very bodies are often perceived as a distraction from spirit, and potentially corrupting, and therefore discouraged.


I would argue that the split between matter and spirit has dire consequences on our civilization and culture, our physical and mental health, and the life of our planet. Could it be that the result of this split engenders fluctuation between the excesses of greed, gluttony, and abuse (matter without spirit) the counterpoint extremes of austerity, destructive guilt, sexual repression, and existential angst (spirit without matter).

In recent years, a deluge of sexual scandals has plagued religious institutions, while reports of gurus falling from grace have become the all-too-familiar tabloids headlines. Perhaps, we can also consider that the degradation of our planet is a direct result of the split. If we perceive our bodies and sensuality as an obstacle to spiritual realization, wouldn’t that translate into the way we abuse our planet? The lack of integration between spirit and matter affects every aspect of our lives.

This brings us to the year 2022, where the spiritual nature of the powerful new Jupiter and Neptune cycle in Pisces, is contrasted by the materially focused and sustainability conscious North Node in the earthy sign Taurus, with its ruler Venus retrograde in earthy Capricorn at the onset of the year.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces take us beyond the confines of time and space, releasing us from the weight of gravity and material limitations. They represent the part of us which is not only of flesh, but of spirit, and the ability to transcend physical incarnation. They represent the part of us that travels when our body sleeps, and survives physical death. Through Jupiter and Neptune, we are able to tap into larger realms of higher meanings and understand the big picture perspective of our existence. They represent the motivation to not only survive, but realize we are part of a larger whole.

Thus, as they come together again in Pisces in 2022, we have a unique opportunity to embark on extraordinary adventures to free our spirits. It is a time of vast openings where we sail open seas and risk going beyond the confines of security. The promise of this conjunction is that nothing is impossible, that there is magic in everything—and where the gates to the great beyond open under Jupiter/Neptune’s auspices. We are in the hands of higher forces and are able to travel in higher realms in ways that supersede conventional laws of material mechanics. Will this manifest in extraordinary inventions, new realizations, daring new ventures, and newfound freedoms, particularly in the context of a world emerging from the confines of lockdowns? Jupiter and Neptune represent a naturally optimistic energy, the reliance of good will, faith, happy ending, and fundamentally… trust in life.

What could possibly go wrong under these spiritual epiphanies?

If spirit does not meet matter, where we fail to integrate the meanings of aspirational visions in tangible ways, then spiritual transcendence can easily descend into a defection from our necessary daily struggles summing out as a form of toxic avoidance. The vastness of spiritual realms, initially inviting, can ultimately swallow us in a whirlpool of chaos. For example, we could find ourselves losing faith, –being misled and cheated because we trusted blindly, thereby paying the consequences of excessive zeal, loss of boundaries, denial, immunity breakdowns, and at worst, –the sinking of the mother ship.

Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces can turn into a “bad trip.” We are called to understand during this transit how the risk of losing perspective, and ourselves, results from ungrounded escapism. We can avoid this outcome by making conscious efforts to harmonize spirit and matter.

THE NODES IN SCORPIO/TAURUS –Begins January 18, 2022

In evolutionary astrology, the North Node represents an evolutionary imperative, a balancing point that can stimulate growth and foster well-being. While the opposite South Node point captures our past experiences and what has conditioned us, the North Node tells us about the next steps necessary for integration and evolution. Ultimately, both South and North Nodes need to function together as they complement each other.

With a Taurus North Node and Scorpio South Node, the template is obvious—the yearning for stability, “normalcy,” and sustainable solutions (Taurus NN) will be a motivational force, especially following the last couple of years where we experienced such intensity, loss, and emotionally scarring experiences that have shattered trust (Scorpio SN). The North Node in Taurus strives to reestablish a general sense of well-being, safety, and continuity, healing the scars of pandemic ruptures and upheavals, the shadows of conspiracies, and pent-up anger captured by the South Node in Scorpio.

Naturally the Scorpio/Taurus axis will bring focus to the economy, the use of resources, the quality and availability of food, and the general relationship with our planet: it represents our immediate reliance on the tangible.


The first 4 months of 2022 bring the dichotomy of spirit and matter to the forefront. This peaks in April when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin at 23 Pisces, sextiling and trining the Nodal axis at 22 Scorpio/Taurus. The day of the conjunction, April 12, Saturn is at 23 Aquarius and the Sun at 22 Aries join the orchestra. (See chart 1)

Transits work according to the context of the time. With focus on the economy highlighted by the North Node in Taurus, – the year 2022 is met with enormous debt accumulated during pandemic times –the result of the unemployment crisis affecting services and the supply chain, mass-scale financial assistance by governments depleting national reserves, and in many countries, the lowering of interest rates amplifying artificial wealth through loans.

We ask ourselves how will the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction affect this situation –whether the financial bubble will burst because it is not sustainable, or whether we will, as a global economy, restore balance more gracefully. We return to the initial theme of this article –integration of spirit and matter:

Did we learn any lesson from the pandemic? Did we succeed in any way to reconcile the material with the spiritual, and build more ecologically conscious and humane economic systems? Are we advancing towards goals of genuine sustainability?

If anyone truly enjoyed our lockdowns, it is nature. Even a brief brake from our relentless motion and consumerism showed extraordinary results.

Jupiter with Neptune can offer the greatest grace or even miraculous healing. But when misaligned, they are instigators of natural events, particularly floods and plagues of massive magnitude. In their previous conjunction of 2009, Swine flu was officially recognized as a global pandemic, typhoons killed hundreds of people.

Jupiter and Neptune can represent a precipitous ride from mania, ecstasy, and inflation, …to loss of faith, hangovers, and deflation.

It is not uncommon to witness the rise in fanaticism and extreme—ungrounded—ideologies during Jupiter/Neptune cycles, and like any bubble, they eventually burst with significant collateral damage.

Yet, the spiritual quality of Jupiter and Neptune cycles can positively bring the best out of us and, most importantly, an authentic dedication to realizing happiness and contentment—a mature freedom of spirit. The ecstatic nature of this conjunction doesn’t need to translate into a hollow manic episode, but more constructively, into the restoration of faith and trust, with the more profound opportunities those support. This conjunction, at its best, could advance solutions for the pandemic crisis, and represent steps to further harmonize needed economic development with a reverent care for nature.


On a personal level, Jupiter/Neptune represent the aim to live more authentically and compromise less of what a person finds meaningful and true. With a North Node in Taurus, financial decisions will likely be inspired by this motivation to live in alignment with one’s deeper values, and thus, potentially lead people to risk extricate themselves from poor work conditions, perhaps selling their assets and reinventing themselves elsewhere. The subsequent transit of Jupiter into Aries captures the need to create a new chapter in life.

JUPITER/VENUS CONJUNCTION – of Sweetness and Indulgence.

On April 30, alongside Neptune, Jupiter will exactly conjunct Venus on the exaltation degree of Venus: 27 Pisces. This will occur on the very day of a Solar Eclipse in Taurus, reiterating the “matter with spirit” theme. (See chart 2)

Eclipses in themselves are vortex-like times of unexpected twists and turns, and accelerated activation. With the ruler of the eclipse, Venus conjunct with Jupiter on her exaltation degree, we can hope for a moment of unification and grace, albeit with a risk of “sugar overdose.” Excesses and naïve indulgence are common to Jupiter/Venus cycles.

My personal recommendation is to mark this moment ceremoniously – take time to connect with the striking visual light of both Venus and Jupiter in the morning sky. At OPA, we will mark this conjunction at I-Astrologer conference in Tucson, Arizona, connecting with our fellow star-beings in ceremony. We encourage you to join us or mark this conjunction your own way—inviting grace, healing, and solace into your life.


Another critical milestone for the year occurs when Uranus, joined by Mars, exactly conjuncts the North Node in Taurus by late July 2022. Uranus will be around the North Node for the greater part of the year, so the actual conjunction is part of a more extensive process. Notwithstanding, since Mars joins the conjunction when it exacts, we can expect both creativity and volatility to increase between the end of July and August.

Uranus on the North Node often brings about important cultural developments. Previous occurrences – Capricorn in 1991 –brought about the revolutionary movement to dissolve the USSR and the infrastructure effort to build the World Wide Web. In Pisces in 2007—Uranus/North Node saw the iPhone becoming available, as well as the anti-establishment rise of whistleblowing platform Wikileaks.

Uranus on the Nodes has also coincided with important milestones in the field of astrology. For example, in 1976, with the Uranus/NN conjunction in Scorpio, we saw the emergence of psychological astrology with the release of classic books, such as a New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene, and Astrology, Karma, and Transformation by Steven Arroyo. In 1991-2, Project Hindsight was launched, recovering and translating ancient astrology texts.

Uranus on the North Node promises critically important cultural, technological, and political development. Because it is in Taurus, we can expect advances or even breakthroughs in the economic system—perhaps new technologies that can help sustainability in the use and mining of resources. Combining sky and earth, we may witness further development in the mining of celestial bodies, such as metal rich asteroids.

Uranus in Taurus brings technology into the human body, possibly advancing the controversial use of computer/microchip implants to enhance biological functions. We can speculate a time to advance the bionic human further into collective consciousness, engendering both possible health benefits and enhanced physical capacities, and the risk of ill-intented manipulation.

Mars adds intensity and volatility as it combines with Uranus and the North Node by the end of July. This can translate into earth events, such as tornadoes/hurricanes, droughts, or the destruction/contamination of crops (Taurus). We will be vulnerable to a heightened risk of cyber-attacks, following the model of ransomware (discussed in last year’s article about the year 2021 forecast), that could destabilize infrastructure and the economy.

The year 2022 is unique in its extremes, and with the combinations of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces along with Uranus on the North Node, it encourages the need for liberation and expansion. We see immense creativity, supported by hope and faith. The risks of misuse have been described, and are considerable, but the important message to free our spirit remains.

I wish us all to use this opportunity to ride the high spiritual currents of this year and remain grounded as gracefully as possible. Let us celebrate the sacredness of our bodies and our earth¬¬¬; let us heal the chasm between spirit and matter.

In health!

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