JANUARY 28-29 – Johannesburg, South Africa (in person)


A new twenty-year cycle of Pluto is upon us. At a time when conversations about the promising and daunting aspects of A.I technology, virtual reality, cures for degenerative diseases, or the greater exploration of outer space are ever more present, we should better understand the evolutionary meanings of Pluto in Aquarius.
Maurice will explore the different aspects it will create, its relationship with Uranus, and how to best understand the nature of this new era.

A fascinating presentation about our eminent future.

PREDICTIVE TECHNIQUES: Transits, Eclipses, Solar Arcs, Progressions

A deep immersion workshop identifying the milestones of our lives. These forecasting techniques will help you and your client better understand how to navigate life events, from practical matters such as timing for moves, important purchases, or meeting significant others, to the timing for emotional and spiritual growth.

We will explore the great cycles of planets and how they activate our evolutionary development, marking the critical steps of our soul journey.

ECLIPSES and TRANSITS – Maurice will share techniques to identify which cycles are the most important for each person and ways to track and interpret the activations. This is an opportunity for both beginners and more advanced students to explore new ways of looking at transits.

SECONDAY PROGRESSIONS – Progressions describe the deeper underlying processes we are going through. They can be used as an independent chart, or in comparison to the natal to identify the phases we are going through in our lives.

SOLAR ARCS – a very precise and powerful technique to forecast the important activations of events in our lives.

Charts of participants will be used to illustrate the dynamics – You can submit your data ahead of time.

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FEBRUARY 12 – Cape Town, South Africa (in person)

“Planets on Nodes & Magic of Eclipses”

We are all aware of the power of eclipses, both visually and astrologically—when the Sun and Moon align with the Nodes, a most powerful activation can ensue.

In truth, all planets making tight contacts with the Nodes can have the most profound and far reaching effect on our lives, whether by natal position or transit. For example, is it any wonder that Elvis Presley was born with Musical Venus on his Nodes, and that Mother Teresa had her Taurus Moon on her Node, feeding orphans?

In this workshop Maurice will go through the meanings of each planets when they align with the Nodes. A fantastic exploration of deep soul meanings, life changing activations, and plan wonder and fun!

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MARCH 5 – Holland

Details to come

An Astrology immersion in Holland.

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MARCH 9 & 11 – Washington Astrology Association (Online)


With 2023 announcing new ingresses of Saturn into Pisces, Pluto into Aquarius, and Jupiter into Taurus, we will explore how the Sun’s relationship with these new ingresses play an important role in their unfolding. Join us and learn from this new perspective on planetary cycles.

VOCATIONAL ASTROLOGY. Identifying Career potential in the chart

What is our life’s calling, or what is it that destiny has in store for us. Some of us end up in a profession unrelated to our academic degrees, for others the vocational path is clear from early on. Either way, astrology provides precise insights into our vocational orientation, helping those who need direction to gain needed clarity.

Maurice will provide a multi-layered approach to analyze vocational direction in the chart, going beyond the traditional association with the MC as a reference. This study will help you and your client make better decisions for deeper vocational fulfillment.

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MARCH 26 – NCGR Sacramento (Online)

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MAY 26-27-28
NORWAC Astrology Conference (Online and in Person in Seattle)


The Game Changers of our Destinies. Personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, represent the drive to establish our lives, build, and function, but are thematically associated with their higher Octaves: the Transpersonal planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, representing the forces of evolution that challenge the status quo and prompt the evolution of consciousness. Maurice will take us on this extraordinary journey from personal to transpersonal, examining the current context of Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces/Aries, and Pluto in Aquarius. (EA) (all)

– SATURN/NEPTUNE Conjunction from Pisces to Aries

The 37 year Saturn/Neptune cycle reaches a monumental milestone, as both planets now in Pisces are setting the tone for their exact conjunction on the 0 Aries Point (culmination in 2025-26). This cycle has radical influence on geo-politics, but also in our personal lives, prompting a seemingly impossible marriage of matter with spirit. (EA) (intermediate)

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JUNE 30, JULY 1 & 2 (Independence Day weekend)

Five expert voices of modern astrology weave their individual threads of thought into a beautiful cosmic tapestry. Join them on an intellectual and spiritual adventure in consciousness as they share a grounded approach to this timeless star knowledge. This is your opportunity to explore astrology as a tool to better understand life, death, and evolution. Whatever your level of astrological knowledge, you will emerge from this weekend with a clear perspective of astrology, how it affects your own life, and the significant role it is playing in the Great Shift we are currently experiencing here on Planet Earth.


The Purpose of Your Life

Eclipses and Planets in Aspect to the Nodal Axis

The Nodes shifting to Libra/Aries – July 17, 2023 to January 11, 2025

Pluto and Aquarius: Ceremonial Activation

And much more…

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August 13 – Sydney

Chiron: Of Mastery and Mortality


August 14 – 18 – Shoal Bay


A five day odyssey exploring the mysteries of attraction, the spiritual science of compatibility, and the intricacies of sexuality, from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective.

We will unpack the emotional needs associated with chart patterns and discuss ways of creating sustainable relationships and heal wounds – this workshop is a treasure-trove for your own growth and for those who are working with clients.


– The karmic bonds that bring people together.

– Relationship types and conditions.

– Socio-cultural context to relationships.

– Emotional needs, and the vulnerability of love.


August 20 – Brisbane

The ASCENDANT – A Succession to the 12th House

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