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Seeing the unseen – Piercing through the veil – Celebrating the Mysteries

The 12th house is likely the most misunderstood corner of the zodiac because it operates on a different frequency than the rest of the chart.

Maurice has researched this topic for several years and developed an approach that brings the deep spiritual essence in practical application.

How come this placement can describe such unrelated themes such as prison or spiritual realization. Maurice will weave through these fragmented definitions to bring a cohesive and clear understanding that can be practically use in chart analysis.

The 12th House can be experienced through 7 main stages of development

  • Innocence beyond space and time
  • The descent into matter and coming into incarnation
  • The immune system and capacity to thrive
  • Public access and career development
  • Humbling of the ego and alignment
  • The forces of fate
  • The hidden meanings of spirituality – The codes to happiness

The webinar includes
– A description of NEPTUNE in each house and sign – Neptune aspects.
– 12th House signs and planets

“Your teachings about Neptune and Pisces are truly life changing and healing for me. It is a profound material and I believe so relevant, not only for all the “struggling piscean souls” out there, but for everyone else as well. So I just wanted to say thank you!”  M.M

A most inspiring and relevant body of knowledge for our time!

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