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The Complete Course : Comprehensive Certification Program

– Beginners Series: Segment A & B
– Intermediate to Professional Certification: Segment 1 to 7

Part by Correspondence, Part on Location

Become a Leading Astrologer | Take Astrology to the Future

Cutting Edge Content – Intimate Learning Atmosphere – Transformative – Practical

The body of knowledge is vast and unique with a focus on identifying the evolutionary essence of the soul. Insights are penetrating, precise, and practical. Participants are educated in the skill of synthesis, diagnosis, and effective counseling, and are certified to offer solution-based, empowering readings.

10 Segments : The Nodes of the Moon, Neptune & the 12th House, Pluto & Uranus, Relationship Dynamics, Transits & Progressions, Chart Interpretation and Synthesis, Counseling Skills

10 Workshops: Vocational Guidance, Retrogrades, Chiron, Saturn, The Ascendant, Asteroids, Medical Astrology (Mental & Physical), Locational Astrology, Astronomy and Myth, Past lives and Reincarnation in the chart.

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Complete Course A Level

Beginners Course - A

Complete Course B Level

Beginners Course - B

Full Certification Program

Intermediate and Professional


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Certified Practitioners

Maurice recommends these excellent astrologers who have graduated from the program.


Astrology is a very central part of my life—it is a system that provides invaluable clarity and direction in most effective ways. Initially, I became part of the volunteer staff recording the yearly NORWAC Astrology Conferences in Seattle, and enjoyed being exposed to a wide variety of cutting edge speakers.

Among the wide range of Astrology schools, Evolutionary Astrology remained my main focus because I appreciated its depth. I studied with Jeffrey Green and then Maurice Fernandez, an immensely creative Evolutionary Astrologer with whom I traveled on Spiritual Journeys in Africa, Israel, among other sacred locations. I became certified under Maurice Fernandez’s professional program and I’m very honored to offer quality astrology services to my clients.


I am an Astrologer, yes, yet I never planned on being one. It happened through a series of strange and beautifully synchronistic events–of which, I’m sure you can relate. Plants had all of my attention before Planets did. Ethnobotany, Plant Spirit Medicine, strains of Shamanism, and even a training in Medical Qi Gong all seemed to have been the essential stepping stones that lead me to where I’m at today. And where is that? I’m a full time Astrologer now: Writing and podcasting, giving readings and teaching to open minds all across the planet. It’s surreal. It’s unreal. It’s exactly the real thing I’ve always dreamed to be doing.

Richard Tarnas was my catalyst into Astrology with his mind bending book Cosmos and Psyche. Ari Moshe came next, offering me my second, yet first proper Astrology Reading. And then, with Maurice Fernandez I choose to take it to the professional level, completing his course and getting certified as a Professional in the US. I have been practicing and teaching full time for nearly a decade, giving over a thousand readings to people all over the globe. It never gets old. In fact, it never stays still. Astrology is a study of the symbolic language of God, a study that can never end. It’s an infinite fractal, a Mandelbrot set of potential energies which, I feel, weave our lives together and sometimes seemingly apart. There is nothing like it, and I’m forever grateful–honored even–that I get to offer to you, to the world, what I have gathered so far.


My name is Shannon Jones and I am a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer and Life Coach.

No mud, no lotus.

I was thrust into my own evolution with a pronounced bang in childhood; the premature death of my father and later my young brother, embezzlement of my inheritance, divided family relationships within which addiction prevailed and my own descent into destructive behavior and depression are all part of my story. Each and every chapter contributed as a catalyst for profound growth and a spiritual awakening in my own life.

Using my unique blend of gifts in astrology and life coaching, I will help you discover what your personal blueprint and purpose is and guide you in bringing this purpose and passion into every aspect of your life.

This is your Sacred Life Map – and the key to unlocking your limitless potential and living a life beyond your wildest imagination! Career, Degrees & Professional Certification.

It has been a joy and honor to work as an Evolutionary Life Coach for 5 years now; found and operate a weekly inter-generational, free form community ecstatic dance ritual, “Rhythm Sanctuary” in Boulder, CO for 5 years (; lead monthly moon ceremonies for over a decade-which have been transformational for myself and the community, at large; and most recently, teach meditation classes.

Degrees/Certified in – Contemplative Psychology, Expressive Arts & Healing (BA, Naropa), Jungian Life Coach and Archetypal Psychotherapist (Archetypal Academy) and Professional Evolutionary Astrologer (Maurice Fernandez school of Evolutionary Astrology).

Email for appointments:

Duncan has been a student of astrology since 2002, a practitioner since 2009, and is a graduate of The School of Astrology of the Evolution of Consciousness directed by Maurice Fernandez.

His readings are compassionate and practical, providing context for your life experiences and help in understanding and navigating your life. He specializes in natal chart interpretation and forecasting with an emphasis on healing past life patterns through a greater understanding of life areas such as vocation, relationships, and spiritual purpose. He does readings in person in Lakewood, Colorado, and by phone and Skype.

Phone: 641 472 6385

Studying with Maurice for the past 4 years, what I received was priceless. It clarified and helped me understand myself, my soul purpose, my gifts, and my struggles. I also came to better understand the bigger picture of why and how evolution plays an important role in our life, and how we all can align consciously with the forces of Nature, (Truth)

It is my earnest desire to offer you some clarification, and guidance in regard to your soul’s journey, your present situation, and the coming cycles. By looking deeper into the possible reasons certain themes reoccur in your life, and helping you to understand your struggles, and your gifts, I wish to pass on the priceless gift I received.


I am a holistic adult and child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, astrologer and tarot reader in private practice in Newton, MA. My intention is to facilitate healing through the integration of the body, mind, heart and spirit. Please go to my website to learn more about me and my practice.


Astrology for children and their families.

My passion as a counseling astrologer is to assist parents in understanding who their children are from a soul perspective; what strengths and challenges they bring into this life and how, as parents, they can best support their child to develop, grow and thrive.

For the last forty years I have worked with children and their families in a variety of different capacities from caregiver to educator, homeopath, advisor, counselor, director of programs and entrepreneur. The thread that has connected all of my varied experience is my love of children and my desire to support and encourage their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

In addition to my professional experience with families I am also a parent and know firsthand how valuable having insight into who our children are and our relationship with them can be life changing for them and for us. Astrological insights have changed my attitudes and behaviours and have altered the course of my life and the relationship that I have with my children in a profoundly positive way.

In addition to having earned certification from Maurice Fernandez’s School of Astrology of the Evolution of Consciousness I also earned a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies from JFK University and certification in acute homeopathic prescribing, hatha yoga instruction, and massage therapy.


ISAR.CAP, is a full time practicing Evolutionary astrology counselor and teacher. Her main practice involves finding the path to healing and the evolution of consciousness through the birth Chart. Gali is the editor of an Israeli Astrology magazine; she organizes conferences in Israel and lectures internationally. She is ISAR’s VP in Israel and also teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


Kate Rusko is a professional astrologer based in Montreal, Canada. She passionately believes that astrology can be a source of profound healing, and strives to provide objective, compassionate guidance to her clients as they explore life’s deeper mysteries. Currently serving as a board member of the Organization of Professional Astrology, she is also their Eastern Canada Satellite representative. She encourages all astrologers in her area to get in touch.


I have come to this level of personal analysis through several routes. First, as a crea-tor/performer of a children’s television series where I explored world myths through the wonder of those who turned their eyes to the sky. This was an exploration of both astronomy, astrology and personal storytelling. The question? Am I related to the cosmos in a meaningful way? This is where I would begin with a personal natal chart

Second, I explored world religions, my own being based loosley in Western Christianity but very curious about Eastern practices as well such as understandings brought back by Theosophists and Anthroposifists. The chart best for me here isa progressed chart—according to your age, how have the planets and luminaries moved? Transits are important at this point.

Third, iin the practice of Kundalini Yoga, I learned the grounded value of these essoteric systems of thought. I look here for interactive discussion to see where you are living your chart at this time. For this I like to use a Solar Arc chart—what does this year have in store for you?

And finally, delving into the work of Maurice Fernandez, I found a way of pulling these together, reuniting the severed strings of astronomy, astrology and psychology. So when I do a natal chart reading initially I focus on you in this time and space, your unique place in this world.

My readings take around one to one and a half hours and I like to get some sense of why you are seeking out an astrologer at this time of your life: what might be your most important ques-tion for me to address?

I like to work in person, but can also work with you by phone or skype. You will receive a record-ing of our conversation and a copy of your charts. In my experience, people like to return for a second or third reading after a year. This material takes time to digest. I look forward to spending time with you and with your chart soon.


For as long as I can remember, I have wondered about the greater purpose underlying life and the circumstances of our lives. Although I was
interested in Eastern philosophy and meditation, it wasn’t until I was introduced to astrology that I felt I had found a way to begin understand
life. Astrology inspires me every day with its ever unfolding beauty and depth, infinitely revealing the synchronicity and interconnectivity of
life’s greater design.

In addition to astrology, I also practice and teach Kundalini yoga. It is empowering to know there is something we can do to shift our way of being through movement, breathwork, and meditation. The gong is a meaningful part of this path for me, connecting me to my natural affinity for sound and music.

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