Learn from Maurice through his new release material or join him in person in one of these special events.

January 29 to February 4, 2018 – Kolkata, India

The 28th International Astrology Conference

Sponsored by IVC

Maurice is delighted to be among the wide selection of Eastern and Western Astrologers presenting at this auspicious event:

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February 16-18, 2018 – Tokyo, Japan

Astrology Workshop and Private Consultations

Maurice will be presenting on evening lecture and a full day workshop in Tokyo.

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Contact Harumi Ohata for all details:

March 11, 2018 – Sacramento, California

Maurice will present at the local NCGR Chapter.

The Mars Retrograde Cycle of 2018
Mars retrograde periods bring some of the most dramatic changes and upheaval. In 2018, it will occur in Aquarius, conjunct the South Node, and the peak of the retrograde cycle will be as Mars conjuncts the Lunar Eclipse of July 27. To add more intrigue to the story, Mars will be the closest to the earth since 2003. Bring your red capes and jumpsuits, and join us on this exciting presentation.

Astrology of Reincarnation
Is reincarnation real, and if so, can we truly track it in the astrology chart? Maurice will bring compelling and fascinating examples to illustrate some of these concepts and better understand the intricacies of the reincarnation process. We will examine rare cases of ostensible reincarnated souls and see what astrology does or does not reveal. This is a unique opportunity to explore this subject in greater depth.

Maurice will also be available on March 10 for in-person private consultations.
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March 17-18, 2018 – San Diego, California

Maurice will present at the local NCGR Chapter

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May 20 – 27, 2018 – Chicago, Illinois

The United Astrology Conference

Maurice will present several programs at the UAC Conference:

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May 20-22: OPA Peer Group Process

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May 23: Organization Day at UAC

Workshop about Launching and Enhancing your Astrology Practice
Organization Day: I-Astrologer Program

Friday, May 25 – 4:30pm

Mental Health and the Healing of the Soul

Monday, May 28 – 11:00am

Eclipses – Portals of Destiny

JUNE 14 & 16, 2018 – Seattle, WA

Maurice will present a lecture and workshop at the Washington Astrology Association.
– Evening Presentation: The Mars Retrograde Cycle of 2018
– Full Day Workshop: Demystifying the 12th house

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JUNE 21 & 24, 2018 – Austin, TX

Celebrate the Summer Solstice in Austin, Texas at the Blue Lotus Sanctuary.
– Thursday: June 21st Solstice Reception & Dance

– Friday June 22nd: URANUS IN TAURUS evening Presentation

– Sat & Sun June 23rd & 24th: Full days Workshop
Possibly one of the most misunderstood corners of the zodiac, the 12th house has often been difficult for astrologers to interpret, or at least understand in its fuller spectrum. There must be more to the 12th house than common associations with prisons and undoing, or even with spiritual development since most people with a strong 12th house emphasis are neither locked up nor necessarily spiritually enlightened. Maurice’s extensive research on the nature of the 12th house and the natural association with the sign of Pisces and the planet Neptune, was initially published in 2004, in his book with the same title, now released again as a new 2018 edition.
Whether or not you have a 12th house in your chart, or simply want to deepen your astrological understanding, be sure to join this widely acclaimed workshop to gain clarity on this deeply layered corner of the chart.

Maurice will lead a Kundalini Yoga session at the end of the workshop as a powerful way to integrate the contents of the study through this sacred practice. No need for prior experience, but comfortable yoga friendly clothes.


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An short interview with Maurice Fernandez (2011)